Monday, October 8, 2007

Amisha Patel

An absolute make-up must-have:
A baby pink lip gloss.

My favourite beauty treatment:

My best feature and how I highlight it:
My eyes! I use colourless or black mascara (according to the occasion) kohl on the inner eyes to accentuate them.

My worst feature and how I camouflage it:
My ears! I am constantly trying to hide them by leaving my hair open.

Make-up by day:
Colourless mascara, pink blush and lip gloss. But if I’m in no mood for make-up, I’ll leave my face clean, with just a bit of Clarins moisturiser.

Make-up at night:
I prefer deeper colours at night. I play around my eyes with kohl and black mascara, a little bit ofbronzer, and go for a darker nail colour.

My skin loves:
Lots of water and the hands of my facial lady!

A make-up blooper and how I coped with it:
In one of my films, I used a dark lip liner around a lighter shade of lipstick; it was a trend then.I shot a couple of scenes and when I saw the rushes, I realised that it looked like burnt lips filled up with colour! I learned that the hard way!

Beauty rituals:
Cleansing! I use a facewash frequently and remove all traces of make-up before I unwind.

10 minutes to go on a special date, your style funda would be:
I’d use a face mask that is a quick fix (it works as an instant rejuvenator) a shower, a bit of moisturiser, lip gloss and I’d be ready to go!

Fitness mantra:
I hit the gym for an hour every day when I am not shooting. I drink lots of coconut water. I try to be active throughout; even if I am at home, I do my own stuff like cleaning my room,wardrobe and so on.

Energy boosters:
Diet coke(yes, it’s true)!

Tress fix:
I frequently deep condition my hair, as it dries up because of all the styling products. I love the Kerastase range.

One tip that has never let me down:
Keeping my skin clean. There’s nothing as attractive as a clean and pretty make-up-free face!

Ageing gracefully/going under the knife:
Ageing gracefully, for sure!
No lazy lamhe for Amisha

Amisha Patel is still receiving compliments for her sexy avatar in Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic. The actress who has been working hard in the gym with two trainers Khushru Cooper and Girish Bhaskar. That, along with a disciplined diet is the secret behind her sizzling hot figure.

When quizzed about her routine she says, "I never miss my gym routine. Sometimes due to the erratic shooting schedules, it becomes difficult to follow a regular schedule. But then I make it to the gym before the shoot or after it ends. Luckily, I am blessed with trainers who don't mind flexible timing."

She further adds, "We don't believe in unhealthy methods of eating or drinking to get immediate results. It's not about temporary fitness. To me, it's about being fit for life."

She sheds light on her training, "When I am not shooting, I have my normal workouts in the morning and then go for narrations, styling, and jogging. Sometimes I split my workout schedule. I do weights in the morning and spinning n the evening. When I have limited time for working out, Khushru and Girish keep that in mind and design my workout accordingly.

Strict and smart

Talking about her much talked about Lazy Lamhe look, Amisha says, "Khushru was very strict when I was shooting for this movie. I had to be very cautious with my diet, avoiding fried food, cheese and fats. Knowing I have a sweet jaw, Khushru used to call to check that I wasn't eating a lot of sweets." The actress says you have to be honest with your trainers and cannot cheat on your diet, "Trainers are like doctors. They need to know everything you do, so they can guide you properly."

Girish, her spin trainer adds, " I just don't train her hard but I train her smart."

The actress is soon leaving for a month-long schedule to South Africa for Chatur Singh.

This role demands that she play sexy diva again. She laughs, "I'll try my level best."

Here's how Amisha works out

Amisha's trainer Khushru finds her very disciplined as far her workouts are concerned, "We work out depending on her shooting schedule. Four times a week is a minimum. We work out on the lower as well as upper body twice a week. Upper body workout is followed by cardio and abs training follows the lower body workout.

We started working out 15 months back and it has been the same for the past six months. Our idea was to make her look hot and voluptuous and not skinny or give her a size zero figure." As for her diet he says he hasn't given her a list of what she should eat or avoid, "There are no restrictions as such on her diet. She knows how to control herself. I have advised maximum amount of proteins, multivitamins and loads of water." - Mid-Day

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