Saturday, October 20, 2007

Shruti Agrawal

Close-up with Shruti Agrawal

SHE IS: Shruti Agrawal

BACK TO THE BASICS: Second daughter to an ex-Army man and his Sikkimese wife, Shruti’s elder sibling works for an airline. Before this 24-year-old took to modelling, she studied in Pune and then lived briefly in New Zealand while completing a postgraduate diploma in public relations and communication there.

THE BIG BREAK: Came when she won the Miss Pune May Queen pageant in 1999 and was coaxed by friends to sign up for the Miss India contest after that.YEARS ON THE RAMP: She’s been part of the circuit on and off for five years.

THE ASSIGNMENT SHE’D MOST LIKE TO TOM-TOM: Her first television commercial — the Pepsi Khoofiya ad that featured Saif Ali Khan and was directed by Prahlad Kakar. “It was a small part, but brought huge visibility and gave me the chance to work with great people!” she says, explaining her choice.

RAMP CATASTROPHE: Another ‘sari’ state of affairs, with Shruti’s high heels getting caught in the sari’s pleats causing her to trip twice during the same show.

THE LAST TIME SHE GOT DRUNK: “It’s been over four years, maybe even longer,” she confesses, adding that she’s not much of a drinker anyway. “I’ll sip on the occasionally glass of wine, that’s all.”

HER TOP BEAUTY SECRET: She never ever goes to bed without washing her face.

SHE’S MOST GUILTY ABOUT EATING: Popcorn and muffins. “I can eat a tray full of muffins without even realising it,” she laughs.

IF SHE WEREN’T A MODEL: Shruti thinks she may have been at the helm of her own PR agency.

THE NEXT STEP: “I’m taking life as it happens,” she signs off, while she waits for better endorsements and film offers to come her way.

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