Friday, October 19, 2007

Raima Sen

Actress Raima Sen shares her beauty secrets

Exercise Routine

I feel exercise is a must. But due to my hectic schedules, I don't get to hit the gym on a regular basis. So I go there as and when I get time. I usually divide my workout regimen into cardio, upper body and weights for hands. If I am on the treadmill, I spend at least 40 minutes on it. There was a time when I was into kick boxing for a month or so. This regimen helps burn fat real fast.

Eat as much as you want

I love to eat. So no dieting for me. And no restrictions please! I gorge anything and everything from oily and fried to non oily stuff and chocolates. No compromise on munching. I don't follow a diet chart or things like having three or four meals a day on particular times. There are days when I wake up at eight in the morning and eat breakfast, and there are occasions when I wake up at noon and eat breakfast. Sometimes, I directly settle for lunch. Nothing is fixed for me. But I would say that people need to follow a diet chart and eat healthy. That way one doesn’t have to worry about putting on weight and spending that extra hour in the gym. I, on the other hand, have to follow my gym routine, as I don’t follow a rule while eating.


I guess I am just lucky to be blessed with a great complexion. It is hereditary in my case. So I don’t have to work too hard to look after it. But yes, I do take multivitamins and vitamin E capsules for my skin and hair. Just a basic face cleanser and regular removal of make up- that’s my skin care routine. Since I am allergic to sun screens and other such products, I prefer not using them. Only if I get a deep tan during outdoor shootings, I resort to the natural remedy. Crushed red papaya is great for removing tans.


Light and minimal. I would just use an eyeliner, lip gloss or rouge to accentuate my looks when going out. I don’t like heavy make up.


I like keeping my tresses straight. So I carry a baby straightener with me. I oil my hair once a month, keep it for 20 minutes and shampoo it. I use a conditioner after washing my hair. Keeping your scalp clean is a must. So I shampoo my hair once every two days. And I don’t use gels or hair sprays, unless it is for shooting.


Manicure and pedicure are of value to me. I take time out and go for such sessions at least once a month, if not twice. If I don’t get the time, then I use a scrubber and a nail file to look after my hands and feet.


Just be happy. That shows on your face. If you are content inside, your skin will start glowing.

As told to Roshni Mukherjee

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