Monday, October 15, 2007

Jiah Khan

Jiah’s Beauty secrets - Caviar & Champagne
Faridoon Shahryar, IndiaGlitz [Friday, November 10, 2006]

Everyone’s been waiting for RGV’s ‘Nishabd’ with Amitabh Bachchan and the unveiling of sultry Lolita Jiah Khan in Bollywood. The latest news on the perky young actress is that she had been on a holiday for a month in London and has come down to complete her dubbing & photo shoots.

She is super- toned and looking better than ever. In fact recently a famous photographer couldn’t stop raving about her glowing skin whilst shooting and asked her secret formula. Jiah nonchantly replied, “Caviar & champagne everyday.” One doesn’t know if you should be having Champagne at such a young age and that too daily, but never mind, she looks gorgeous and oogle-worthy. And that’s what matters.

‘Nishabd’ is eagerly awaited. The movie stills have created curiosity. Hope it matches the expectations



I flush out the toxins from my body by drinking lots of water all day. Food wise, I eat everything but in moderation.

I don’t believe in the concept of working out. To me, gym goers are fanatics. To stay fit, I dance a lot.

Since I have sensitive skin, I use baby cream, a cleanser that is made of crushed rose petals, and a cream buffer that has crushed diamonds to keep my hands smooth.”

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