Monday, October 15, 2007

Nafisa Joseph

Celeb Talk: Nafisa Joseph

A former beauty queen and currently the heart throb of the teen brigade as the hot VJ of MTV, Nafisa Joseph has come a long way than being just a pretty face. She has chosen to go the way most ‘celebrities’ go-fighting for causes. She’s currently an Animal Rights activist, working for an organisation called ‘People for Animals’. But what’s so special about Nafisa Joseph? Here she talks on her food and fitness fundas.

How do you start your day food wise?
No oily, greasy stuff for me. I prefer a glass of orange juice and toast.

Going by your well-toned body, it seems you are a fitness freak.
No, not at all. Yes, I do exercise regularly but that is it. I don’t go berserk dieting or starving myself. I guess my metabolism rate is high which keeps me trim even if I hog once in a while.
But I do keep caution while eating.

What do you eat during the day?
A simple platter is what I prefer. I don’t even touch unit food while I am shooting. Pulses, low oil parathas, vegetables and salad will do for me.

Then your dinner must also be very simple?
Yes, it has to be. Haven’t you heard of those lines breakfast got to be like king, lunch like a commoner and dinnner like a beggar. I stick to that. My dinner is a light meal consisting of rotis and one sabzi with salad.

How do you resist the temptation of overeating in parties and events?
It’s simple; I have a light meal from home before I leave for places where I know I am going to see plenty of scrumptious stuff. And the moment pick up my plate, I fill it with salad. By the time I am through with that I will be full and won’t feel the need to gorge the heavier stuff.

What is your all-time favourite food?
Italian food is really good. I love the stuff they serve at Diva in Delhi.

How do you relax?
Listening to music is the best way to relax. Believe it or not but a quick session at the gym also helps me relax.

Sometimes I go in for a soothing facial or a steam bath.

What is your advice on food and fitness for the health conscious?
Eat with care and don’t just eat because you have to. Time your meal intake and avoid in-between snacking. Avoid eating lunch or dinner while sitting in front of the television. People tend to eat more than they need to or eat the wrong stuff because they are so engaged in the programme. While eating just concentrate on that and nothing else.

If you were to write a book on health and fitness, which topic would you choose?
I feel the younger generation is falling prey to anorexia, the condition under which they eat very little and starve themselves thinking they’ll achieve pencil-thin figures like their icons. This is wrong. By starving one deprives the body of essential vitamins and other nutrients. I think I’d like to write a book on this unhealthy practice so many teenagers are into it.

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