Saturday, October 20, 2007

Shruti Seth

Shruti Seth - Hot Stuff!

Hottest thing about you My eyes. I think they say a lot!

Hottest thing about being in your profession The moolah, of course! Where else would you be paid to look good?!

Hottest thing about Mumbai Its weather.

Hottest cuisine Thai food—hot and spicy.

Hottest all-time favourite film The Matrix.

Hottest all-time favourite music Most of the songs by U2 are my favourites.

Smitten by romantic films? Oh, yeah! The film I was most smitten by was Love Actually.

Hottest lie I tell people I’m taller than I really am. (Laughs)

Hottest thing we don’t know about you? Well, that’s a secret you’ll never find out...

Hottest fantasy Romancing on the beach with that someone special.

Hottest bedroom line ‘Move. This is my side of the bed!’

Hottest male co-star I hope they get to be Keanu Reaves or Johnny Depp!

Hottest male in India Milind Soman without a doubt.

What’s hot about him? His looks. He’s got those smoldering looks.

Hottest fashion tip If you think sexy, you look sexy.

Hottest fitness tip Yoga. It really works.

Hottest fragrance Jean Paul Gaulties.

Hottest outfit The little black dress is an eternal favourite.

Hottest fetish Nice smells.

Hottest accessory Earrings. They make such a big difference.

Hottest pick up line that’s come your way Thankfully nothing so far.

Hottest stress buster Listening to music.

Hottest goof up Foot in the mouth disease. Hahaha.

Hottest gossip you’ve heard I never pay attention to gossip.

Hottest thing your boyfriend did for you Dumping his previous girl friend...!

Hottest thing you did for your boyfriend The fact that I broke so many other hearts to be with him!

Hottest date you’ve been on It would have to be on the Empire State Building in New York.

Hottest rumour you’ve heard about yourself Nothing so far!

Hottest romantic getaway Goa. The place is simply gorgeous.

Hottest song lyrics Whose Gonna Ride You Wild Horsesby U2.

Hottest wish To travel around the world.

Your ideal man I think I’ve found him. ‘The hottest date I’ve been on is in the Empire State Building!’

Yoga does it for me: Shruti

Early to bed and early to rise seems SHRUTI SETH’S mantra for staying fit. She reveals the secrets of her fitness and glowing skin to Shishir Gautam

She is always full of effervescence and energy. And the energy she displays on screen is envied by many. We are talking about Shruti Seth, the model-turned-VJ-turned actress, who has been in the industry for over seven years now and yet looks as fresh and tender as morning dew. We caught up with the lass to know what keeps her so fresh.

On diet
I always eat well; home-made food being my favourite. I find my mom the world’s best cook so I love eating home cooked food. I love whatever she makes. Eating healthy food and less of oil keeps me ticking. I never go overboard with junk food.

Also, I keep away from having too many sweets. It’s easier for me because I don’t have a sweet tooth. I try eating on time as well. I choose white meat over red meat. Including fish in diet provides me with enough of protein. I am anyways a sea-food lover. And yes, not to forget, it is very important to drink ample amount of water everyday. Fluids are essential part of the diet.

On exercise
I work out three times a week. But I don’t do much of weights. It’s more of Yoga for me. That keeps my body tuned for daily chores. And I must say it really helps.

Also, I try waking up early. I don’t say that one should not party. I party about once a week, but at the same time I keep this in mind not to make it a daily habit. And lastly, I never overwork. Lots of people do non-stop shifts. But that takes a toll on the body.

With skin as soft as a baby’s due to a perfect blend of diet and exercise regime, it is no wonder then that recently an international brand signed Shruti to endorse its skin care product.

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