Sunday, October 21, 2007

Udita Goswami

Traveling with Udita Goswami

“I think I carry almost everything with me when I’m travelling! But if I absolutely HAD to carry something it would be my sunscreen by Vichy, which I use every morning after washing my face.I also think basic make-up is always needed in a field like mine, whether by choice or not. I mean, sometimes I see these actresses without any make-up and I’ll laugh and be like, ‘My God, is that the same actress?!’ Kajal, lip gloss and blush are essential, just to add that hint of colour, and I always make it a point to carry them with me.”

The Secret Behind Udita Goswami's Figure!

Aerobics, kickboxing and controlled diet are some of the secrets behind the sylphlike figure of actress Udita Goswami.

Just a couple of years back, Udita didn’t care a hoot for fitness. And now, she frets over it.

Over the past few months, she has been working out at gym regularly (except recently) and she is also into aerobics and kickboxing.

“It’s (aerobics) a lot of fun and also extremely effective. After one hour, I feel absolutely drained,” a report quotes Udita as saying.

Udita also follows a very strict diet regimen. She takes a very light breakfast with lime juice, honey and dry fruits. She eats chapattis with vegetable subzi for lunch and she hardly eats any white rice. Also, she prefers homemade food and seldom eats outside.

And after all this, Udita’s dance rehearsals and shows do the rest to burn the extra fat and calories.

The curvaceous belle was last seen in Aksar. Next, she is getting ready for an item number in director Aditya Datt’s second film Dil Diya Hai.

That is where those slinky curves come handy.

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