Monday, October 15, 2007

Hrishita Bhatt

Hrishitaa Bhatt-Likes and Dislikes

Height-5' 5"

Favorite food of Hrishitaaa Bhatt: Chinese and Oriental

Favorite movies: She is totally filmi, so Hrishitaaa can’t name a single one!

Dream man: Not in mind, not in sight

Secret of her beauty: cheerfulness and positive nature

Secrets of her sexy slim figure: Drinking lots of water, because it flushes out toxins, doing exercises, and plenty of sleep.

A habit which you like: I love honesty.

What moves her: Anyone who has fought a difficult moment in life like a disease or a tense moment. Every human being tries to survive and that is really inspiring.

Hrishitaaa Bhatt’s favorite one-liner: Love is understood by the receiver and more importantly by the giver who doesn't expect anything in return.

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