Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Diya Mirza

In Bollywood, where the frame of fame and fortune changes with every Friday, there are very few who can actually live upto their name! Diya Mirza is definitely one of them! After having set afire many films with her powerful performances, she is all set to blaze the screen once again with her forthcoming flick Acid Factory. Diya will be seen in a glam-chic avatar in the film.

The credit goes to none other than Nikhil Mehra, of the famous Nikhil-Shantanu duo, who, at the behest of a brief given by Sanjay Gupta, has given Diya a very structured, sexy and an action-oriented look. Of all her outfits in the film, we strongly feel that the highlight should be her flaming red dress, which simply stuns the onlooker at the mere sight! As for Nikhil, he, today, is a man who is far more just satisfied as he says that Diya simply loves these dresses and that she has been working like dog to do full justice to the outfits. On his own admission, Nikhil says that Diya looks hotter than ever before in Acid Factory! And a little peek-a-boo on the red outfit 'reveals' that it's a gown with a slit showing off her legs and a gun-thigh strap, something which is slightly inspired by Sin City. There's also another look where she wears a well-fitting jackets while the dress has a provocative neckline.

Well, looking at this hot Bollywood actress, all we can say is 'Diya's attire will surely have the whole country afire!'

Diya Mirza's take on fashion and style:

Likes: chocolates and children

Favorite Perfume: Baby Doll by Ralph Lauren

Favorite food: Dia likes chocolates, Italian Pasta and Hyderabadi Briyani. But she sure knows how to keep herself in shape

Fav dress: Frocks are the favourite for this beautiful actress. Dia is seen wearing short dresses in most public appearances.

Wearing short dresses and relaxing at home seems to be Dia's mantra for beating the heat. "Beauty is something undefined. You can't ever define beauty truly, certainly not such as diamonds are forever. To me, where there is tranquility, serenity, that's beauty."

What's the sexiest thing about Dia Mirza?: My personality!

What is the most common compliment guys tend to give you?: They think I have the most beautiful and expressive eyes.

Diya Mirza's secret fantasy: Diya wants to have as many as 15-20 children, she is willing to ahead with child or two of hers and adopt the remaining number of children.

Have to's of Diya Mirza:

I have this amazing ability to disappear when I am upset and then reappear as if nothing had ever happened!

When I am emotionally wrought, I sleep. I always wake up feeling much better.

I love being home and cleaning. Whether it is scrubbing the bathroom tiles or sweeping, mopping the floor or dusting, I'll do it myself if I feel it's not done well.

I have to wash my feet every night before I get into bed. Even if I've had a bath a little earlier!

I have never kept a single painting of mine. I always paint for someone and gift it to that person.

I love sleeping with my windows open on a rainy night so I can hear the sound of the rain when I am asleep. The combination of the sound of the wind chimes and rain gives me a great sense of peace.

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