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Esha Deol

Esha Deol
‘Dhoom’ girl, Esha Deol won the title of ‘The Hottest Vegetarian Alive’ for 2002. The lovely Deol girl, daughter of arguably the best looking couple of Bollywood; Hema Malini and Dharmendra had a role model in her mother as far as vegetarianism is concerned. When she joined the industry Esha had a sporty image and then she went for a complete make-over that included rigorous working out and with her healthy food choice she came back looking absolutely mind-blowing in ‘Dhoom’.

Casual Comfort

My style is a combination of sporty and feminine – trendy, young and hip. I am a track pants and t-shirt kind of person. I sometimes even turn up on the sets wearing one. Actually I am a very boring dresser. Sometimes I don’t even wear coordinated clothes. When I go shopping I don a pair of cargo pants or low waisted jeans with a nice funky t-shirt. They are so comfortable. I stock up on Miss Sixty, Bebe, Diesel and River Island. They are basically my kind of clothes – sporty, energetic and in bright colours. I love wearingt-shirts with funny one liners. I also have a fetish for jackets. Biker jackets, leather jackets, denim jackets – I love them all.

Formal Tucks

I like to dress up in a saree occasionally for a wedding or a sangeet. Otherwise it’s a Rocky S garment for an awards show or an elegant Sundari Khan gown. I also wear a lot of Ritu Kumar.

War Paint

I am very particular about my skin and trust only Mac as it suits my skin. I also like Clarins moisturisers as they are very light.

Be Jewelled

I like collecting gold and semiprecious jewellery. I am not into brands but I like delicate pieces which can be mixed and matched.


I have a huge collection of perfumes and keep adding on to it every time I set out for shopping. I love Davidoff's Cool Water and Thierry Mugler Angel.

Treasure Tote

I like big bags as they carry a lot of things that I need for my shoots. The brands I prefer are Louis Vuitton and Dior as they are stylish.

Under Secrets

Victoria’s Secret is great for the feel and styles. I can never have enough of them.

Foot Loose

The one thing that defines my style are keds. I used to play a lot of basketball and so I have a huge collection of keds in all brands. Nike and New Balance are my favourite brands. I also like to flaunt dainty stilettos with my gowns. I shop for them in Hong Kong and other places where I am shooting.

Shopping Destinations

I love shopping. I have a few favourite stores in the US like G Star and River Island. I don’t shop in India at all. Here even before you buy something you are signing autographs. And moreover people are always analysing what you are buying. Most of my shopping sojourns have now shifted to Night Bridge.

Brands I Long For In India

I don’t care whether the brands I wear are available in India or not as I always buy them abroad. But yes I think it will be nicer if we had young brands like Bebe and Miss Sixty here.

What’s your exercise regimen like?

Aditya Chopra, the producer (of Dhoom), wanted me for the role of a glamour girl in the film and told me to reinvent myself, after delivering specifics for the role in terms of look and character. So I geared up and got a new regime for my workout. When I started out, I had lots of time on my hands as I had taken a break and wasn’t signing any films, so for seven months, I worked out for one-and-a-half to two hours at the gym, every day. I’d do cardio (treadmill, cycling, steppers).

I managed to get that sexy abs that I never thought was possible. For my washboard-flat stomach, I worked with my trainer (Sherveer Vakil) for one hour daily. I owe my trim--sexy look to buddy Zayed Khan. He pushed me into joining a fitness course and after a year of doing barbell and dumb-bell, I’ve become a fitness fanatic. I’ve also realised the importance of eating right and avoiding oily, fatty food.

Now, I hardly get the time to work out, but I still make it a point to go to the gym, as much as possible. Working out makes me feel relaxed and at peace. Now, I do 45 minutes non-stop circuit workouts, but no cardio. I do this to take out excess water retention.

Circuit workout includes chest, back, bicep, tricep, freehand exercises, lifting lightweights, abs, squats and stomach crunches. I am totally pooped at the end of my workouts. It’s important to sweat a lot and burn calories while exercising.

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