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Tanushree Dutta

Crowned Miss India in 2004, this Bengali beauty started her career with the re-mix music video Saiyyan dil mein ana re. Trying hard to make her mark in Bollywood, she is currently shooting for four films. There is one under the banner of Raj Kamal films, another film in Telugu, and two others under the baton of Vikram Bhatt and Subhash Ghai. IMAGES BoF peeks into Tanushree Dutta's wardrobe.

Casual Comfort

When I am shooting or shopping I generally wear tops or t-shirts teemed with jeans or floral skirts. At home I wear tees with shorts, a nighty or pyjamas. I don't like using one particular brand simply because I don't want to be tied down to a single style. So I have 15-20 different brands in jeans like Levi's, Diesel, Copper, Forever 21 and so on, each having its own style.

Formal Tucks

For a party I prefer sleek westernwear like a gown or a skirt. Recently I picked up some elegant gowns by Violet, who designs for Bollywood celebs. In ethnicwear I have a great collection of salwar suits and saris which I seldom get to wear. I wear a lot of stuff from Ritu Kumar, Satya Paul and other designers which I pick up from designer stores. When I am in Kolkata I freak out on saris. The city has luxurious sari shops with thousands of varieties. Even though I don't wear them often I like collecting saris with fine work. Moreover, I get saris as gifts as well.

Foot Loose

Unlike my clothes I stick to Aldo or Nina for footwear because they are sturdy, comfortable and have the best heels.

Be Jewelled

Usually I wear a pair of diamond earrings, a pendant and finger rings of yellow sapphire, coral and a solitaire that my family guru has recommended for astrological benefits. At times I wear long dangling earrings to match my outfit.

Treasure Tote

Bags speak about your personality so I have lot of bags in various sizes, shapes or material like metallic, leather and so on. I pick them up from abroad from H&M, Aldo or any where I find a good piece.

War Paint

Make-up is another big domain I shop for. I like Christian Dior foundation and nail polish, Mac eye shadows and lip glosses. I also use Nina Ricci lip gloss and Revlon nail polish. I don't use Indian products as I am not too sure of their quality.

Under Secrets

I like L'essenza and Victoria's Secret for their fit. H&M, the designer store at London is where I buy them from.

Shopping Destination

Twice a year I visit Dubai. I like the place for shopping as all major brands are available there. I also pick up stuff from London and the US.

Brands I Long For In India

It is when I go abroad that I shop so it does not matter to me if they come to India or not. The foreign brands that are in India now never have adequate stocks and they are more expensive here.

__+//Actress Tanushree Dutta admits to being a beauty junkie

An absolute make-up must-have:

My favourite beauty treatment:
A deep tissue massage. It takes care of my whole body and skin.

My best feature and how I highlight it:
My Bong eyes! I use L’Oreal’s Double Extension Mascara and MAC kajal to highlight them.

My worst feature and how I camouflage it:

My skin loves:
Water, ice and a healthy diet.

Make-up by day:
Is simple. I don’t use any base, a bit of mascara, kajal and a peach or pink gloss from myhuge cosmetics collection.

Make-up at night:
I usually avoid heavy make-up when off the sets. However, at night I would go for shimmer and darker colours to match my outfit.

A make-up blooper and how I coped with it:
I was shooting for an intense scene for ‘Aashiq Banaya Aapne’ and I hadn’t used waterproofmascara. I had to do my make-up all over again from scratch.

Beauty rituals:
Cleansing, toning and moisturising.

10 minutes to go on a special date, your style funda would be:
Casual and comfortable, yet subtly sexy.

Energy boosters:
Sleep! I try to squeeze in a 20-minute power nap into my schedule.

Tress fix:
I have healthy locks, as my diet is rich in proteins and I also see to it that I oil and washit regularly.

Fitness mantra:
I workout at least thrice a week and I am more into cardio. I avoid eating out and stick tohome food and completely stay from aerated drinks.

One tip that has never let me down:
Drinking lots of water. It not only flushes out the toxins, but also makes my skin glow.

Ageing gracefully/going under the knife:
There’s a certain amount of beauty and grace that comes with age. Besides, it’s too painful to eventhink about going under the knife!

___+//Celebrity Lifestyle: Tanushree Dutta

The charm of getting a glimpse into the lifestyles of the rich and the famous never wears out. Tanushree Dutta shares a bit of her lifestyle with MSN readers

Your favourite holiday spot: Mauritius, as they have water sports and even though I can’t swim, I love the water; so I got ample opportunity to relax and do under-sea walking.

One of your most romantic moments: Was definitely a candle-light dinner some time back

The fashion accessory that defines your style: Earrings

Gizmo you can’t part with: My phone which is a Nokia N72.

Which character trait do you admire the most in people and why: Integrity and sincerity.

Your birthday: 19th March

Your favourite food: Without a doubt, Bengali.

Your favourite movie: Step mom

Your dream man/woman: Yet to come

One word to describe yourself: Dreamy

Your favourite one-liner: Don’t use them

Your beauty secret: Eat well, sleep well, work out and stay happy.

The health tip you hang on to: Drink lots of water

The joke that still keeps you in splits: Nothing, really, I am very bad at remembering jokes.

The person you admire the most: Would certainly be my parents.

____+//The 'Chocolate' babe is real foodie

"I eat lot of chocolates and sweets so it becomes very important for me to workout. I hit at the gym every morning and do both cardio and weight training. I don't believe in eating less and starving myself. I eat wholeheartedly and then do exercise to cut the fats. For a glowing skin, I take 10 glasses of lukewarm water as it purifies the blood and makes me look more appealing.

Tanushree Dutta: "I don't count my calories. But I eat healthy. And my diet keeps changing according to my level of fitness.

Nowadays I start my day with cereals with milk and eggs. Then I've 5 small meals throughout the day comprising chicken fish and vegetables.

Right now I'm completely off sweets and junk food."
Tanushree Dutta discusses issues close to her heart
Tanushree Dutta is in a mood to experiment. The sultry actress best known for her dare-bare flicks (think Aashiq Banaya Aapne and Raqeeb), is now ready to do comedy and is even involved with a children’s film. Despite provocations in the form of catty comments by an industry senior, she’s refusing to react and says nothing matters in life right now, but work. Romance and love are on hold as well(her painful breakup with Aditya Dutt is a topic she won’t like to discuss anymore). So, here’s Tanushree uncut…

Experimenting onscreen:
I believe every actor should do different roles so that he/she does not become typecast in a particular image. After doing a negative role in Raqeeb, I will be doing comedy and action in my forthcoming releases. Doing action stunts was a terrifying and, at the same time, a thrilling experience. I am also looking forward to Priyadarshan’s fun film, where I am wooed by four men. In real life, it could be a very scary prospect!

Food, food:
I am a complete foodie. I love cooking and usually try to experiment with various cuisines. And, while Chinese food is my favourite, it is butter chicken that I am nuts about.

Another Imelda Marcos?
I have a fetish for shoes and jewellery. Whenever I see footwear that appeals to me, I usually buy it. I may not always wear it, though.

Travel bug:
I love travelling. Especially, with friends and family. I usually travel whenever I get time. In India, Goa is my favourite place. I also love Hampi. I find it fascinating. Dubai is a very charming place. During the Dubai Shopping Festival, I shop till I drop. I also like London. It is a great place especially during Christmas. The weather at that time is great.

Yes, I am one, but it is only in matters of shoes and jewellery. Its almost like an addiction.

I have been getting a lot of endorsement offers ever since I joined the industry. Recently, I became the ambassador for a jewellery brand. It was my very first endorsement. I agreed because its collection was fabulous and something I could relate to.

‘Classical’ beauty:
I have started training in Kathak. It is an important part of my fitness regime. Although not many people know, I am a trained classical vocalist. As a child, I was trained for six years in Hindustani classical and Rabindra Sangeet.

Hot Bod:
I follow a very simple schedule to stay in shape. I go to the gym, I dance and eat right. And, I do not deny myself the pleasures of food. But, I rarely binge.
Tanushree Dutta is short of clothes
After having lost oodles of weight, actress Tanushree Dutta is going wild shopping for designer clothes.

Tanushree Dutta is turning out to be a shopaholic - she’s been on a shopping spree for designerwear of late. The reason is that she has been on a fitness agenda.

Besides hitting the gym to burn her calories, she has also been training in Kathak, which has toned her body completely.

She now looks like a million bucks with her svelte figure. Tanushree discovered that she has to replenish her wardrobe, since her clothes don’t fit her anymore.

So Tanushree literally had to replace all her clothes with new designerwear. Though it has cost her a bomb, she’s not complaining. She seems quite pleased with the trade off!
'I took Bips' catty remark positively'
30 Aug 2007, 0000 hrs IST , VINITA CHATURVEDI , Epaper
Tanushree Dutta is glowing these days. She talks to NTabout the secret behind the million dollar look, her Dhoni connect and Bipasha Basu

Lean looks, subtle hair tones (after those 'in the face' blond streaks) and a brand new wardrobe. That's Tanushree Dutta in her new avatar. While rumours claim that the makeover is for her forthcoming release Dhol, the lady herself begs to differ. In a tete-a-tete with NT, the former Ms India talks about Bipasha Basu's sassy remarks and her brand-new approach to people's cattiness.

On her makeover
"I know a lot of people are saying that it's because of new film Dhol, but that's not true. The makeover process started after I finished the work for my film, which was nearly four months back. Initially I had those blond streaks, giving me that NRI kinda look but now I have subtle shades of brown in my hair."

Going feminine
"I am in that feminine mode these days and ready to experiment. Earlier, I just stuck to one designer but now I am buying all those dainty dresses from various designers. This new, soft look is visible in my make-up too, with more stress on the way I do my eyes these days."

On her dance lessons
"For the past few months, I am learning Kathak. It's all part of my fitness regime. Dancing is the healthy way to remain fit. Since I am doing a lot of stage shows, this is going to help me there too. And of course I will improve my latkajhatkas in the films also."

On her weight loss
"Yes , I have lost oodles of weight. Earlier because of my erratic hours, I had put on a lot of weight. But now that my family has shifted to Mumbai , I am leading a disciplined life. But I can never go for a crash diet like some of the other actors. I eat everything under the sun but I never binge. It was a mix of yoga and work outs that did the trick.

On Bips' catty remark
"It takes a lot of courage to make such a remark on national television. Bipasha certainly has a lot of guts. I don't know what her intentions were behind the remark, but I have taken it positively. So in a way Bipasha is one of the few people responsible for my slim look, although I must make it clear that I had already started the process, before she made that nasty remark."

On her new projects
"At the moment I am doing a lot of stage shows all over the world. There are a couple of interesting films, which will be finalised by next week. Right now I am not supposed to talk about them."

On her love life
"I am single but not ready to mingle . After my bad experience with Aaditya Datt, I am not going to jump into anything. I strongly believe in destiny. Things happen, when they have to. Right now my family is my first priority and my younger sister, who is studying in class X, needs a lot of attention. So love can wait."

On her link up with Dhoni
"That's the craziest thing that I heard. Actually both of us belong to Jharkhand and we were supposed to attend an award ceremony organised by the Jharkhand government, along with our respective familes. Since both of us couldn't make it, next I knew that our names had been linked. I have never met him in my life yaar!"

Star Makeup Kitty

Tanushree: Make-up is another big domain I shop for. I like Christian Dior foundation and nail polish, Mac eye shadows and lip glosses. I also use Nina Ricci lip gloss and Revlon nail polish. I don't use Indian products as I am not too sure of their quality

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