Friday, October 19, 2007

Preeti Jhangiani

Preeti Jhangiani: fitness

Preeti Jhangiani on how she's been able to wear the same size jeans for the last 6 years.

Preeti Jhangiani is more seen on Page 3 than on screen. For a girl who had made such a promising start with Mohabbatein in 2000, her film career hasn't really shaped up the way she would have wanted. But her body certainly has. She has one of the fittest bods in the industry today. Here, she tells us how she maintains her goregeous self.

I wake up really famished
I'm most hungry in the morning so I can't do anything until I have my breakfast. For me it's the most important meal of the day. I eat two whole eggs, yolks included. I can't stand eating only the whites. I have a glass of juice mid-morning. My lunch consists of 1 or 2 rotis and some vegetable dish. Dinner is mostly non-vegetarian food. I'm a very big non vegetarian eater. If you took away my non veg food I'd probably be left with nothing! But I tend to keep it light with lots of sea food which I simply love.

I eat everything
Luckily I don't have a tendency to put on weight. I'm not a big eater so I don't avoid any type of food- I have my butter on my toast and my sugar in my tea. I eat chocolates when I feel like it. I can eat absolutely anything and everything, even oily food.

The main thing is that I never over eat. Even if I feel like bingeing I'm not capable of eating something like five rotis! I can't eat one huge meal. Instead I eat many small meals throughout the day.

Even though I eat everything I don't touch colas because I feel they are a complete waste of calories. My throat gets bad when I drink them, I don't enjoy it at all and they are full of empty calories and no nutrition.

My work-outs are very irregular but I make up with dancing
I try my best but for me going to the gym has never been a regular feature. If I've just got out of a long schedule it takes me about a week to get back into the routine of working out. I'm not a big fanatic but I do try and make it at least twice a week. Other than that I dance a lot and have to perform at many shows so I keep my body in shape with that.

I do more weights than cardio because I have a narrow frame. I work out specifically on my arms and legs. I do 100 stomach crunches every time I work out. My work out generally lasts for one hour.

I do my upper body- arms, back and chest on one day. The next day I do cardio like running and cycling. On the third day I do my lower body and then cardio again. I alternate between upper and lower body exercises and do cardio in between.

I have been working out since I've started acting. When I stared out I would do aerobics. Now I tend to do it on and off. When I feel the need to do cardio I go for my aerobics class. It definitely shows on your body when you exercise. After going to the gym for a month I can see the difference in myself. Because I have a small frame and everything of mine is skinny the results are immediate and I look more toned.

I am extremely happy with my body
I consider myself really lucky because I'm not obsessed with working out and I eat whatever I like but I can still maintain my body. I've been wearing the same size jeans for the past six years!

I love my narrow shoulders because I can't stand broad shoulders especially on women! I really like my narrow frame. One thing I would love to change however would be my legs. All Indian women have the problem of having skinny legs. I would like mine to look heavier. I could do with some better calf muscles.

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