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Sameera Reddy

_+//Celeb Talk: Sameera Reddy

Sameera, the girl who came into the limelight with the music video `Ahista` by Pankaj Udas, has been named as Mumbai's Jennifer Lopez. Sameera has come a long way from the simple actress in her debut film to become the latest sex symbol of the Hindi film industry.

How do you maintain your figure?
I exercise and eat right. I go to Gym, jog at the Joggers Park and swim at least for 45mins.

How do you start your day eating?
I only eat fruits for breakfast, especially papayas and pears. No tea or coffee for me. I drink Soya milk. I drink Vera juice as it detoxifies your body.

What do you eat during the day?
Afternoons normally I eat two roti with vegetables and green salad. Late in the evening I again eat a little fruit. At night I have green chicken and some protein foods to give me strength.

How do you cope with working schedules that create havoc with your system?
It’s very difficult and I usually can’t. If I do, I try to eat on time and sleep on time.

Do you binge?
I used to, but not anymore. Even if I did, I’ll eat healthy food like lots of pickle and roti.

What is your favourite food?
My favourite is Japanese dish – Sushi that has raw fish in cooked rice.

How do you rejuvenate?
I rejuvenate by swimming. I come alive after 45mins of free style swimming.

What is your advice on food and fitness for the health conscious?
Eat well and on time. It’s not how much you eat that matters but what you eat. Try understanding what food suits your body.

If you were to create awareness on one health-related topic, what would it be?
Since I know how I felt when I was plump, I would suggest that one should not try drastic measure to loose weight.

There’s a right and sensible way; a long-term way that will keep you fit. Being skinny is not beautiful or healthy. It can only give you acidity and long-term health problems. You can combine healthy eating, with good exercise and healthy living and thus have a very good figure without destroying your body for the sake looking slim.

What’s your beauty regime like?
I have my eight hours sleep, which is important for good skin. I use a cleansing cream and jell to clean. I avoid make-up when not working. It allows my skin to breathe.

Share a quick recipe with the readers.
I usually cook idli, dosa and chatni. My favourite is moong bhel (sprout bhel). Just throw in some moong, cut some onion, tomato, some meetha sauce and chatni and then mix it. You have a healthy chaat in 5mins.

Suggest a home remedy for your readers.
When ever I have acidity I drink straight nimbu (lemon) juice without water. Strangely people think it adds acidity but actually cuts it down.

Your favourite hangout for eating and why?
I love eating at small restaurants as I feel they serve really tasty food. I am not really a fan of Five-Star hotel foods.

What would you cook on a romantic date?
I wouldn’t cook. I’ll make the guy cook for me.

__+//Sameera Reddy's fab bod secrets:

"I'm addicted to fitness," says dusky beauty Sameera Reddy. "The days I don't do some kind of exercise, I don't sleep well, I feel depressed and generally, I'm in a bad mood."

Her favourite sweat-it-out modes? Swimming and dancing!

However Sameera is quick to explain what fitness really means to her. "I exercise to feel good and healthy not just to have a slim body," she clears.

To avoid monotony and boredom, Sameera changes her exercise regime frequently.

"I start my day with 20 minutes of yoga where I do stretching exercises that make the body supple. This is followed either by my Kathak riyaz or working out at the gym in the evening where I do circuit training or simply an hour of swimming."

Sameera Reddy loves swimming and dancing as means to stay fit. So if you were wondering if that lithe body swiftly lapping through the pool in Musafir was a body double, you now know the truth.

Careful with her diet, Sameera skips aerated drinks, has lots of fruits, a healthy vegetarian lunch and a high protein dinner between 8-9 pm.

"Since the body's metabolism slows down, it's better not to eat later than that.

I also find it healthier to have smaller meals through the day rather than having two heavy meals. I smoke and drink very occasionally.

But when it comes to food, once a week I let myself go and eat whatever I want to."

Sameera believes there is a definite co-relation between the mind and body.

"Honestly, they both balance each other. A good work-out makes me feel positive and stronger in mind.

In turn, this helps you cope with the pressures of day-to-day living." Prone to stress frequently, her best stress-buster is cross training or swimming.

I don’t have gym memberships all over the country. I usually just walk in and ask the manager if they will allow me to use their facilities for the day. They always do and no one has ever allowed me to pay anything. Still, I always pay the trainers at the gym if they help me with my workout.

___+//Sultry Sameera's Secrets ...

Actor Sameera Reddy’s voluptuous frame is the envy of many. She has redefined the statement that says that slim is beautiful. Here the ravishing actor shares her mantra for looking good.

Beauty regime
I use a lot of home-made packs to take care of my skin and hair. I use a pack of yoghurt, amla juice and methi to keep my hair strong and smooth. I oil my hair at least once a month and wash it every two days.

I do feel that one should avoid ironing and colouring one’s hair as the hair gets damaged. I use L’oreal hair products and for skin I use La Mer. I go for skin exfoliation once a month and always keep a face wash handy. I believe that you need to feel good about yourself and the radiance will show on your face.

I include lots of salads and veggies in my diet. I have a heavy breakfast in the morning comprising a glass of energy smoothie – a blend of low fat milk, five almonds, one mashed green banana, 2 tsp groundnut powder one tsp protein supplement and one tsp green tea powder. For lunch I have a light salad, boiled chicken and any vegetable but cooked without oil. In the evening I have a bowl of sprouts, sunflower seeds and lots of nuts. For dinner, I prefer grilled fish and salad or any juice like mosambi or carrot juice but use a sugar substitute. I avoid bread since it is fattening. My mantra is: just train your tummy to consume only 75 percent of its capacity and not 100 percent.

I work out daily at least for an hour. Leena Mogre, my fitness trainer, knows that I get bored of a routine workout very easily. So I do power yoga, swim and weight train thrice a week. I ensure that I keep myself active all the time without overtaxing my body though.

____+//Sameera Reddy shared the secrets of her sexy and beautiful body freshly.

Sameera Reddy said, "I wash my body with curd and honey as frequently as I can.
I apply lip balm to my lips.
I use Christian Dyer Mascara to my eyes.
I practice Kathak for fitness.
I keep my mind clean and free from all tensions.
Eating good food, sleeping sufficiently at nights, listening to music are my activities those keep me healthy.
I also swim frequently to keep my body in shape.
I apply camphor cream after using apricot scrub.
I use very less make up when I'm off screen. That's my secret of happy and healthy life".

_____+//I can’t ever afford to ignore my body: Sameera Reddy

Fitness mantra
Fitness is something which tops my priority list. Since I am in front of the camera, I can’t ever afford to ignore my body. I make it a point to exercise everyday. Moreover, since I have to travel a lot, I need to take care of my health.

Exercise regimen
I am heavily into power yoga. I religiously do it everyday for an hour. Swimming is another great form of work out which exercises the entire body.

Food intake
I strongly believe that you look what you eat. I am too much of a diet conscious person. I always carry my tiffin and eat only home made food.I don’t eat chapatti also. Instead I prefer to have ‘Pesurotte’. It’s a Telegu dish, a kind of roti made of ‘moong’ paste which is cooked on a nonstick pan and is very healthy for the body. I am not too much of a non -vegetarian person also.I have lots of vegetables and salads. I love aachar (pickles) but I can’t have it every day. As for my favourite thing in the world, it is ‘dosa’ which also I get to have only rarely.

Say no to
I never drink because my body is allergic to alcoholic stuff. Even if I take one drink, I am sure I will puke. Even too much of oil and spice in food makes me feel sick. I avoid mustard oil too. I never gorge on out side food / ‘road ka khaana’ even when I am shooting.

Sweet temptations
When I was a child, I used to be quite fat. I was a chocolate and pastry freak. Not anymore though.

Best bodies in the business
Oh, there are so many good bodies these days. Which is why, I am also contantly striving for the toned look.

Importance of fitness
Health and fitness are things which one can’t ever afford to ignore. To sum up, stay fit and stay happy. - Sabir Rahm

______+//I love to pamper my tresses: Sameera Reddy

Hottie Sameera Reddy reveals the secret to her luscious lips, beautiful skin and shiny hair.

Tell us about your beauty regime?
I wash my face with Clinic DRX. My skin is oily and this face wash suits me best.

Must-do beauty ritual before leaving home?
I never leave home without applying a light base sunscreen.

Home beauty tip?
A mixture of sandalwood powder and rose water works wonders. I apply this pack atleast once a week. It helps cool down the skin after exposure to sunlight.

A make-up tip?
Too much liner and eye make-up makes you look older. One should use a heavy mascara with gloss instead.

Earthy tones or vibrant colours?
Earthy tones enhanced with a good vibrant blush and lipstick.

A strict no-no?
Using heavy make-up on the eyes and lips at the same time is a bad idea.

For what you visit Parlour?
Hair. I love to pamper my tresses at a hair spa.

Your beauty wish-list?
To be able to sleep more – it helps the skin glow.

Your best feature?
My hair.

You pamper it with?
I massage it twice a week with aroma oils and even use leave-in hair products.

Beauty icon?
Catherine Zeta Jones

A brand you love?
There are two, Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel.

Can't stay without?
Lip balm

Beauty quick fix?
I rub cucumber slices and ice cubes on my face. It's a great wake me up ritual.

Bedtime ritual?
I cleanse my skin with a make-up and eye make-up remover. I follow it with an overnight cream and an under eye cream.

How do you tackle a bad hair day?
After shampooing, I use a serum and a leave-in conditioner. It makes the hair soft and easier to manage.

The secret to good lips?
A mix of lip gloss with drops of lip plumper.

Your Beauty message?
Age gracefully or I want to age gracefully.

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