Friday, October 19, 2007

Rimi Sen

Rimii on her hot, h-o-t bod!
Lata Khubchandani September 14, 2004

She took on an extra letter in her name but shed all those extra pounds for her film Dhoom.

Both, we can say happily, worked: Dhoom is an impressive hit. The question at the moment is, how did the actress get that hot, to-die-for bod? Here's Rimii Sen on her perfect curves:

The beginning: When Aditya Chopra [producer of Dhoom] saw me for the first time, he had Anahita Shroff, the stylist, with him. He asked me to check with her about the look I should have.

She asked me to do power yoga, so I enrolled for power yoga at Bandra [northwest Mumbai suburb]. Aditya's wife Payal came to learn there too. You know, she's so sweet. She looks like a little kid.

I did not diet for Dhoom. I don't believe in dieting because my face loses its charm when I diet.

The routine: I did power yoga three times a week for an hour. I did cardio and other stuff at the gym to tone my body. Cardio helps you lose weight, so I did a lot of that. I kept my body toned with power yoga. In two months, I lost eight kilos.

The diet: I don't normally eat breakfast because I am a late riser. I get up at 11 am. At 1 pm, I eat rice and vegetables. If I am hungry, I have biscuits or chips before going to the gym. Then I eat at night.

At home, I can monitor my eating but when I go out, I eat proper breakfasts, lunches and dinners. I eat everything. I believe that God has given me only one life. If I can't eat, what's the point?

But I lose whatever I eat at the gym. I have given up yoga because I think I will disappear, but I do cardio six times a week.

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