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Sushmita Sen

Sushmita Sen is one of the most disciplined and beautiful actors in Bollywood. She has given the traditional Indian saree the most glamorous and sensual look through her films in recent times. Esha Deol has undergone training to slim down and tone her body. She dances and eats a balanced diet to create a vision of beauty.

The first thing Sushmita Sen, one of the most beautiful women in Bollywood, advises is a peaceful mind which reflects in a glow on the face. “If your mind is under control and is tuned to positive thoughts, you are a winner in the beauty field,” she says, “I personally prefer Yoga and meditation every day to retain the freshness of my face and mind.” Of course, other than that, she works out every day to keep her body in shape. Strangely enough, though she herself has a colourful personality, she believes that pastels like light pink, cream and beige bring on a peaceful mood in the wearer. “Though I wear bright colours as per the requirements of the characters I play, in my personal life I wear light colours so that I look fresh and happy when I go to any function or party.” Sushmita, who has given a new look to the traditional Indian saree with her √©lan and elegance, also advises a balanced diet in the midst of heavy partying or a busy nightlife. “Young people party relentlessly and their eating habits become erratic and damaging to their systems,” she says. Sushmita herself avoids fried foods – especially fast food varieties which are so common today. Cereals with milk and a few almonds help her to start the day with a burst of energy. Fruit and juices also are beneficial according to her. The secret of her glowing face? She applies papaya and orange juice on her skin regularly! One last tip from Sushmita: She says that gracious and smiling behaviour with friends, family and even strangers, whom one meets in everyday life, is a major key to a shining personality.

_+//Susmita Sen’s beauty secret!
by Rajiv Dutta

Miss Universe Sushmita Sen is the ultimate style diva. Her drop-dead gorgeous looks, svelte figure, sparkling eyes, and million dollar smile are the stuff dreams are made of. The beautiful lady reveals her beauty secrets...

Sush's beauty mantra : “Happiness! Beauty for me is God's signature and it should come from within.”

Beauty tips : “Since I am filming most of the time, so water and sleep become scarce and that shows on the skin in form of dryness. So, proper skincare is essential. Everyone would want to touch your glowing skin!”

“Another quintessential thing is to have a proper and sound sleep at night to let your skin rejuvenate in a right way.”

Brand etiquettes : “I personally believe in sticking to a product that I choose because frequent switching over is not good at all and you end up getting no benefits from either of the products. So, have patience and give some time to show the effects of the product on your skin.”

On ageing : “I think ageing has been a concept that most people don't want to talk about but they need to understand that it's a natural process. I like being my age and accepting your age is accepting yourself. It's so important for women to realize this.”

Last word : “Due to our changing lifestyle, skin related problems can appear at an early age but there is no need to fight anything. I know a friend who says that she is not going to grow a day older after 29 and that's the right attitude. Remember, looking good is one thing but feeling good is everything.”

___+//I can feel the difference: Sushmita
7 Aug 2007, 0000 hrs IST,TNN

Sushmita Sen joins Indian women in lauding a solution to skin ageing problems being provided by a new product.

Olay, the No 1 skin care brand in the world’s fashion capitals, has now come to India. Launched by P&G, Olay Total Effects is a one-stop solution intended to help Indian women fight the seven vital signs of skin ageing. It has VitaNiacin technology and SPF 15 that fight ageing while also moisturising the skin and protecting it from sun damage.

Olay Total Effects was presented to some of India’s leading beauty icons and women achievers from the fields of fashion, beauty, television, the corporate world, fitness industry and academics. After a period of four to six weeks, these women shared their positive experiences with the product and some are now even passionately recommending Olay Total Effects.

Sushmita Sen, whose hectic life takes a toll on her skin and causes discolouration and makes the fine lines visible, said Olay Total Effects did wonders for her. “You can actually see the difference on my skin. I just love the product. It’s such a one-stop shop,” said the former Miss Universe.

Television actress and anchor Tisca Chopra revealed, “My make-up man said, ‘Madam, there is no need to use base on your face now’.”

While popular hair-stylist and beauty expert Coleen Khan laughed, “My mother-in-law complimented me for the way my skin was glowing, what more can I ask for?”

And celebrity hair-stylist of the stars, Dilshad Pastakia added, “Now there is no need to carry a bag of skin care products and treatments. Olay Total Effects has replaced all of them.”

Meanwhile, health and wellness expert Shikha Sharma who has helped several women stay young and healthy, said people were asking her what she was doing these days. “My skin has such a glow,” she said.

Economist Roopa Purushottaman exclaimed, “My old teacher asked me, ‘What are you doing to your skin, it’s better than when you were in my class!’”

Leading cosmetologist and dermatologist Dr Kalpana Sarangi explained the reason behind these compliments for Olay Total Effects. “VitaNiacin is an effective combination of vitamins that fights the seven signs of skin ageing, leaving the skin soft, smooth, radiant, even toned and firmer. It is ideal for Indian skin because Olay Total Effects is coupled with moisturiser and sun-protection.”

A ten-week clinical study of 200 Indian women between 30 and 60 by a panel of leading dermatologists analysed the effects of a VitaNiacin moisturiser versus an ordinary moisturiser. After a discussion using global and Indian data, the panel concluded that the VitaNiacin-containing moisturiser can fight the seven signs of skin ageing and its technology is suitable, safe and acceptable for Indian women.

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