Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sophie Chowdhury

Sophie Chowdhury's Makeup

I am a big fan of makeup. I don’t understand how girls in India say that they prefer not to wear any makeup. In fact abroad they teach you that a good moisturiser, sunscreen, and foundation are very important to protect your skin. I always wear foundation, lip gloss and mascara when I go out. My favourite brands are Mac for lipsticks and lip gloss, Chanel foundation, and Trish Mcevoy

Traveling With Sophie Choudhary:

“I always carry my face wash, moisturiser, various films and so on. I use this great face wash by Linda Meredith – she does Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow’s facials as well, and I’ve been going to her for ages – it’s her own line of products. The films are for whenever I need a face boost, and a good quick fix is this YSL product called Touche Eclat. It’s a great concealer for dark circles and marks.”
Sophie Chowdhary: "Never counted the calories. I'm a foodie. I just try to eat healthy.. I start the day with ginseng tea, a few soaked almonds, small bowl of papaya and an eggwhite omelette.Post-gym I either have a half a protein shake or an apple depending on the time. For lunch I have chicken, daal, sabzi and maximum one roti. At 5 pm I've chai and a handful of nuts or frozen yoghurt or an organic food bar.For dinner it's souped and steamed fish or grilled chicken. Lots of green tea throughout the day. And yes I do cheat on my diet twice a week. But don't tell my trainer. Ha ha.

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