Sunday, October 21, 2007

Vidisha Pavate

Lakme divas

Top model and ramp regular Vidisha Pavate shares her beauty and fashion secrets

"Less is more-- whether it is makeup or dressing up for an occasion", says dusky supermodel Vidisha Pavate. Her message to LakmeIndia readers: "keep it simple and stylish."

My morning beauty regimen:
I like to wake up looking and feeling good. So the previous night I use skin caviar for my face and an under eye cream-- to prevent puffy eyes and dark circles.
I wake up late so I usually just have time to apply mascara and then leave for work. Mascara for me is a must-have.

My quick beauty tip
Just keep two things handy- a mascara and a lip stain. Long and thick lashes always enhance the eyes. A lip stain works as a lip colour and if in the correct shade works beautifully as a blush and eye shadow.

Must-haves in my handbag

I always carry my lip gloss in my bag- not only does it act as a moisturizing balm, but also gives it a lovely subtle colour and helps define the shape.

My wardrobe favorite

I am not much of a label person. Modeling takes me to different parts of the world so I usually shop out of India. My style is more casual. I love wearing jeans, comfy cargos or draw-string linen pants during the day. For evenings I love long flowing skirts with a sexy top, or an elegant evening dress. The trick to looking dressy is in accessorizing the garment. To be honest my wardrobe favorite is my shoe collection. I am more passionate about shoes than I am about clothes. And in my opinion- less is more, whether it is makeup or dressing up for an occasion.

Favorite Shopping Destinations
I love shopping at Zara and Mango (anywhere in the world). I shop a lot when in Dubai and in India I enjoy shopping at Ensemble and Aza.

My Exercise Regime
I am a little lazy when it comes to working out, I hate going to the gymnasium, so I have a treadmill and exer-cycle at home. Skipping is also great as it exercises the whole body. Due to our hectic schedules and travel, I find it hard to be regular with any form of exercise. So I prefer to stay away from weights and stick to cardio and freehand exercises which can be done anywhere.

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