Sunday, October 21, 2007

Scherezade Shroff

Close-up with Scherezade Shroff

SHE IS: Scherezade Shroff

BACK TO THE BASICS: This thoroughbred Mumbai girl lives with her parents and two equally lovely-looking elder sisters. That apart, she is a self-confessed sports freak.

THE BIG BREAK: Came when she was signed on by a reputed modelling agency and then bagged a television commercial for Nokia.

YEARS ON THE RAMP: Almost two.

THE ASSIGNMENT SHE’D MOST LIKE TO TOM-TOM: Being on the cover of New Woman.

RAMP CATASTROPHE: Fortunately for Scherezade, she is yet to have an embarrassing ramp moment.

THE LAST TIME SHE GOT DRUNK: “I can’t remember,” she says, but doesn’t specify if that was because of the resulting black out!

HER TOP BEAUTY SECRET: Drinking lots of water and washing her face at least thrice a day.

SHE’S MOST GUILTY ABOUT EATING: Cake and chocolate. “Thankfully,” she says, while we plan to wring her neck, “I am lucky to have a high metabolism, so I don’t need to starve myself!”

IF SHE WEREN’T A MODEL: She’d probably be a lawyer.

THE NEXT STEP: “Possibly acting...”


Ankur Singh said...

She is indeed one of da most beautiful model..i came across..btw ne info of her b'day date? Thanx in advance.

Ankur Singh said...

Not much of data..or pics available..just a suggestn Ms.Shroff plz make urself searchable especialy on wiki..