Saturday, March 20, 2010

Vimi Joshi for MAC and her Celebrity Secrets

* Katrina Kaif
She has beautiful skin and an inner glow. All she needs is a daily face wash with gel cleanser and lots of moisture cream.
* Neha Dhupia
It's all about the eyes: blue eyeshadow to complement her outfit and blue mascara to highlight her big brown eyes.
* Preity Zinta
She has beautiful eyes and lovely lashes. So, all it takes is loads of mascara.
* Rani Mukherjee
Her arresting eyes are accentuated with a sketch eyeshadow of which the red undertone brings out the green tint in her eyes.
* Shabana Azmi
Since she has a smile that lights up a room, two shades of lipliner create a 3D mouth - the spice pencil and a darker shade, like burgundy.
* Shilpa Shetty
Strong eyebrows, a huge trend for Fall/Winter 06, can be achieved with the flick of a #266 angled brow brush and print eyeshadow.