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Neha Dhupia

Suave, sexy and sassy, this lissome lass is a-changing – from bikini babe to the gal-nex’-door. Happy that her recent release Chupke Chupke has done well, she awaits the release of Ek Chalis Ki Last Local. Other films she is working on are Delhi Heights, Mithya by Rajat Kapoor and Dus Kahaniya by Sanjay Gupta. Buzz has it that this former Miss India is currently seeing ace squash player Ritwik Bhattacharya. IMAGES BoF quizzes the lass – Neha Dhupia – on her style secrets.

Casual Comfort

Fashion for me is about comfort. I believe in dressing according to the occasion and dressing simple. I am aware of the fashion trends but at the same time I have my fashion classics which are constants in my wardrobe. For instance, my white mulmul kurtas… I just love whites. When it comes to casualwear I am a jeans and t-shirt person. I like Miss Sixty for my jeans as they have a 10/10 fit. The styling is also great. Zara and Mango are two of my favourite brands. When I am abroad I make it a point to visit the Gucci store and Tiffany’s in New York. The Indian designers I most often wear are Rajesh Pratap, Varun Bahl and Rohit Bal. They have an element of contemporariness to their designs. Internationally I just can’t resist Roberto Cavalli and Chanel.

Formal Tucks

I like dresses when the occasion demands it. For formal clothing especially I trust brands like H&M. They have some very nice stuff.

War Paint

I am very particular about my makeup as we practically live in it for long hours when we are shooting. I only use MAC and Bobbi Brown as these suit my skin and they are in tune with the international trends in makeup.


I am not a big one for jewellery, but the few pieces I own are from Bvlgari. Their designs are very chic.


I have a huge collection of watches by Police. I think they are classic as well as contemporary.

Under Secrets

I like Victoria’s Secret and La Senza as they fit beautifully well!

Foot Loose

I like shoes by Aldo, Jimmy Choo and Stewart Wiseman.

Celeb Food Talk: Neha Dhupia

Femina ms. India-Universe, Neha Dhupia is all set to join the Bollywood brigade by replacing the likes of Gracy Singh in films, as well as doing item songs in Madhur Bhandarkar’s Satta.

How do you start your day food wise?
The moment I get up I have to have a litre of water to cleanse the system. After that I go for a small glass of water with lemon juice and honey to spruce up the body. My breakfast usually consists of fruit juice, two toasts of bread and one egg. I never ever eat boiled or fried stuff in the morning as it makes me feel dull and tired.
Do you ever fast?
No, I believe fasting can do more harm than good. Especially if you are already a fit person, then fasting can make the body pull energy from the muscles due to lack of food thereby making them weak, hence I keep away from fasting.

Do you stick to a strict fitness regime?
Not exactly. I exercise four times a week wherein I include stretching, weight training and yoga. But sometimes it so happens that I do not find time to exercise at all. Luckily my body does not have a tendency to pile on pounds. But exercise nevertheless makes me alert and responsive.

What do you eat during the day?
My lunch is very simple. I go for a dal, three rotis, sabzi with lots of green salads and a papad. Papad is an excellent digestive hence I never refrain from eating one that has been toasted. No deep fried ones for me. I also love yogurt hence I have it in the form of either salad or raita. I have non-vegetarian food once a week with rice.

And what about dinner?
Almost nothing. A fruit or a glass of juice suffices for me at night. In the day one manages to digest even a heavy meal but at night there is no way the bulk gets assimilated that's the reason the lesser the better for dinner.

Have you ever binged in recent times?
Of course, I too am human. Like the other day when one of my friends threw a party, I really gorged on the pizzas and the puddings. You do feel guilty the next day but I guess once in a while indulging helps you release the pressure that has mounted inside you due to saying `no' to everything.

What is your all time favourite food?
Pasta, pasta and more pasta. I just love the different kind of pastas my mom makes. I don't mind hogging some out of home too.

What is your advice on food and fitness for the health conscious?
I firmly believe that what one eats shows in one's mind and body hence one should eat with care. Don't just dump anything and everything into your tummy. If one cannot afford the expensive juices, there are cheaper alternatives like spinach, coriander, tomato, carrot and radish juices. They act in the same way as orange, anar, apple or grape juice. Never compromise on health as your body depends on it for work and pleasure. Regular exercise is also a must to keep the mind alert and the body active. Sluggishness is a result to low stamina levels. Health maintenance is not all that difficult or expensive as it is made out to be.

What about all the health messages being bombarded by magazines and media?
Listen to everything but adhere to what suits your body type. Each one of us is different, what suits or benefits one may not help the other. Keep this in mind before blindly following a health advice or spending a fortune on something that is touted as being good for you.
Neha and her fitness craze

Everyone knows that Neha Dhupia has a knee problem. To add to her woes, she now has a back problem and the one who is taking her to meet the doctors is none other than her "good friend", tennis player, Ritwik Bhattacharya. I hear that Neha is into all sorts of fitness regimen, kick-boxing being one of them. Looks like the controlled kicks may have taken a toll on her broad back. My fitness mantra for Neha, keeping her knee and back in mind: jogging, stretching and breathing exercises. That's the way to an energetic lifestyle. But then, one look in the SHEESHA, and JULIE would want to do what the other actors are doing - all sorts of fitness drills.
Impressed by Neha Dhupia’s fresh new look in Singh is Kinng?

Impressed by Neha Dhupia’s fresh new look in Singh is Kinng? Here’s her secret for flawless skin, something she’s happy sharing with fans. She says she drinks plenty of juice. “If you cannot afford expensive juices there are cheaper alternatives like spinach, coriander, tomato, carrot and radish juices. They act in the same way as orange, anar, apple or grape juices,” she says.
Neha's secret is out
Neha Dhupia tells us that the secret of her hot bod is yoga.
She strongly believes in proper diet and regular workout sessions. Says Neha, “I swear by yoga. It is the best form of exercise one can do to relax the mind and body. Also my dietician makes sure I do not starve. I have small meals throughout the day, but avoid fried and sweet stuff.”

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