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Urvashi Sharma


Urvashi Sharma


I oil my hair regularly and use a L'Oreal shampoo and conditoner. I also go for a regulary hair massage at any L'Oreal hair salon.


I use light makeup as harsh makeup harms my skin. I use a light foundation base. My lipstick and other makeup products are from Clinique.


I use only Clinique products to keep my skin glowing, and drink lots of water.


I use a body wash from Clinique. Also, a good body massage twice a month is a must, as it completely rejuvenates me.


I don't use nail polish, but go for a regular manicure at a L'Oreal salon.


I soak them in lukewarm water after a hectic day, and get a light massage done on a daily basis.


A pedicure twice a month at a L'Oreal salon.

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Yana Gupta

Yana Gupta
The girl who shook Bollywood with her jhatkas in her item number, “ Babuji ”, Yana Gupta won her ‘Hottest Veggie’ crown in 2003. She posed as a mermaid in an ad. The Czech-born model urged people to go vegetarian with a sexy line “Try to relate to who is on your plate, Fish Are Friends, Not Food’. She endorses a vegetarian diet as being good for the health, the animals, the environment and for the taste buds

From Sify Movies comes this article about how a Bollywood movie star in India relies on coconut paste and coconut water to keep her beauty (now I've heard everything):

What happens when 'Bijli' meets 'pani'? Well, you get a shock. With Czech-born supermodel Yana Gupta soaking up coconut water, audiences are certainly in for an electrifying experience.

Gorgeous Gupta, who is gearing up to do yet another item number after her sizzling appearances in 'Dum' and 'Rakth', says 'Nariyal Pani' (Coconut water) and 'Nariyal ki Chatni' (Coconut paste) are the two most important ingredients of her sex appeal.

Model turned actress Yana Gupta is among the sexy sirens of Bollywood. Her curvy figure and porcelain skin makes everyone crazy about her. Tagged as an Item girl, Yana reveals secrets of her beauty and health.

Being a health conscious person, Yana follows a certain diet. "I eat only fresh and raw food. My diet consists of a lot of vegetables, fruits and juices. Being a strict vegetarian, I don't even touch any non-vegetarian food."

When it comes to body Yana completely believes in work out. "Exercise is a part of my daily routine. Apart from that, I make it a point to be very active. You must sweat it out, as the body gets rid of toxins and keeps the heart healthy too".

Yana prefers to have juices rather than coffee or milk. "I drink carrot, cucumber and apple juice. Coconut water is something that I have to drink everyday. It has so many minerals. I prefer drinking lots of water everyday."

Revealing her beauty secrets, Yana says she trusts only on branded cosmetics. "I moisturize my skin regularly and don't use soap. I recommend people to use something mild on their face, if they wash it frequently. For make-up I stick to Lakme products mostly."


Lakme divas

Lakme’s face and India’s top model Yana Gupta shares her style secrets and beauty tips.

I like to Wear
To Work

Jeans or track pants, shirts, and sneakers. If it’s a formal meeting for which I need to dress up it will be skirt, or jeans, top- comfortable, not too loud and not too tight, with jeans. Or a skirt with top and boots.

To Party
Jeans and any kind of good looking but still comfortable top.

To Shopping
Anything what I have on. I don't plan my dress up for shopping. So jeans or sport clothes.

My Favourite Accessories
Earrings (big ones with lots of colors), Junk jewelry and my Dior watches

My Favourite Cosmetics
Lakme's golden glow, and red and gold eye shadows. And Lakme’s new range of nail paints are great, because they dry fast and stay on for a surprisingly long time.

My Favourite Perfumes
Gucci- Rush, Christian Dior- Dolce Vita, Emporio Armani- Elle/She

My Favourite Designers
Manish Malhotra, Rocky S, John Galliano, Versace

My favourite shopping haunts
Fab India, Couch potato, Linen closet, Nike, Pepe

What I always carry in my Handbag
Cell phone, money, Lakme lip balm and lip gloss, keys, diary, sun glasses, and a hair brush

My quick Beauty tips
Clean your skin often…the pollution and dust kills.

Eat healthy…my diet includes fruits and vegetables, and lots of juices—one of my favorites is carrot and beetroot juice. I am now a vegetarian and off dairy products. I take soya milk instead. I do not eat later than 8 p.m. unless it is a fruit or salad.

Sleep a lot.. I always try to go to sleep as early as I can.

Exercise and Beauty
To me, exercise gives a lot of energy and even a kind of excitement in life... in between all those thousand other things My advice:

Choose a form of exercise that you really enjoy. It doesn't have to be cardio or weight training; it could simply be jumping on a trampoline or dancing...

Half an hour a day of any activity stimulates your lymph system, which in turn helps your body to get rid of the toxins.

My Relaxation Techniques
All I do is close my eyes and breathe deeply. Being close to nature also has a very calming influence on me. I try to meditate daily (for about an hour), and do yoga and taichi (occasionally).


Being veggie changed my life & my body

Yana Gupta has been looking better than ever these days. The formerly strictly vegetarian model/item girl has lost weight thanks to her change in diet which now includes fish and meat!

We asked Yana Gupta on what it takes to maintain a body like hers and this is what she had to say:

"I started cutting down on meat when I was 16. Then I came to India at 21 and stopped eating meat completely and I actually started to put on weight. I wasn't having balanced meals, they contained too many carbs. I wanted to lose the extra weight I had on but I didn't suspect there was any problem with the food I was eating. I thought that I had to eat less and diet. I was always a healthy eater but I found that in spite of eating what I thought was right and exercising I was also falling ill regularly so I finally went to the doctor who told me I wasn't eating a balanced diet and had to include more protein because my immunity was getting affected. Once you become a vegetarian, it's hard to start eating meat again but I was very weak and sick so I started slowly eating fish again and I found I was becoming healthier and stronger. It's been two years since. I still don't eat red meats. It's only fish that I eat often and chicken once in a while.

Since I have started eating non vegetarian food, I've lost weight because now my meals are balanced. I'm feeling healthy and don't fall sick anymore. A lot of my vegetarian friends have weight problems. People who haven't seen me in a while come up to me and exclaim "Oh my God look how much weight you've lost!"


I have a yogurt shake in the morning with fruits and nuts. I blend yogurt with papaya, some flax seeds, desiccated coconut, a little banana and some honey. The combination of fruits and nuts varies from day to day. I just love fruits and coconut.

I tried to have eggs whites in the morning but I feel they do not suit my body as they are quite heavy. Because I go to the gym in the morning, I like to keep my breakfast light. That's why I like my shake because it is liquid but substantial and it digests fast.

I usually have lots of raw food. Lunch consists of a big mixed salad with lots of different ingredients like almonds, walnuts and fresh vegetables. I also have salmon in the salad generally or at the side and a small portion of brown rice. I put in some extra virgin olive oil because fat is necessary for a healthy diet. I used to completely avoid all fat because everyone would say that if you don't get fat you lose weight but that is all rubbish! Fat is necessary for our brains to function, for healthy nails, skin and hair.

For my third meal of the day I stick to a salad or some fruit with yogurt dressing. I love salads and fruit and I don't mind eating the same thing over and over again.

Dinner time
I avoid eating protein in the night because it takes at least three hours to digest. If I eat late like at 10 o'clock then I have a light dinner of vegetable salad or a soup. I don't eat heavy carbohydrates in the evening. The only exception is fruits because I can't do without them. Even eating fruits at night isn't a good idea but I eat them. Ideally I would like to have my dinner at 8 but it never happens so I eat at around 9.

Fitness Regime:
"I go to the gym seven days a week." I go to the gym regularly: one hour a day, seven days a week. There's no such thing as a Sunday for me. I enjoy working out because I have a certain schedule everyday and exercising helps me start my day.

If I miss a work out I really feel bad so I try to go habitually. If I have to shoot or travel in the mornings I try to push it till noon or I get up as early as 5 AM just to make it for my work out.

I basically do alternate days of cardio and weight training. I change my routine depending on how I am feeling. Like if I have a lot on my mind I will just do cardio to think about stuff. Or sometimes I want to listen to music so I'll keep doing only one thing. It's important to have cardio as well as weight training because it increases the metabolism.

Food Habits:
I don't have carbonated drinks and white sugar. I haven't touched it for years unless I go crazy for an ice cream once in a while. Carbonated and sugary drinks are a strict no for me. I don't eat any refined or processed foods. I make sure I eat complex carbs like whole wheat and multigrain chapattis and brown rice to get lots of fiber in my diet. I eat a minimum of four meals a day. Ideally five meals are best of the body but when I don't get time because of travelling and work I make do with four.

The best way to keep one's weight in check is by keeping the insulin levels in the blood constant.


Model turned actress Yana Gupta is among the sexy sirens of Bollywood. Her curvy figure and porcelain skin makes everyone crazy about her. Tagged as an Item girl, Yana reveals secrets of her beauty and health. Being a health conscious person, Yana follows a certain diet. "I eat only fresh and raw food. My diet consists of a lot of vegetables, fruits and juices. Being a strict vegetarian, I don't even touch any non-vegetarian food," she said.

When it comes to body Yana completely believes in work out. "Exercise is a part of my daily routine. Apart from that, I make it a point to be very active. You must sweat it out, as the body gets rid of toxins and keeps the heart healthy too," she said.

Yana prefers to have juices rather than coffee or milk. "I drink carrot, cucumber and apple juice. Coconut water is something that I have to drink everyday. It has so many minerals. I prefer drinking lots of water everyday," she said.

Revealing her beauty secrets, Yana says she trusts only on branded cosmetics. I moisturize my skin regularly and don't use soap. I recommend people to use something mild on their face, if they wash it frequently. For make-up I stick to Lakme products mostly.

Yoga - the natural body workout:

To attain a well-rounded body, it’s essential to exercise religiously without any long breaks. By that I don’t mean hitting the gym all day long but improving the flexibility of the body naturally. I practice yoga and other simple stretching exercises that are more fruitful than pumping iron in the gym. Very few people are aware of this, but certain yogic aasans are excellent for hair, as they activate blood circulation in that area and keep the tresses strong and luster-rich! The best exercise for great hair is to stand upside-down with the head facing the ground. At least that works like magic for me.

Diet essentials:

I follow a balanced diet that is a right mix of carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins. Eating small portions of meals five to six times a day is also equally vital. Consuming gallops of food at a go can prove detrimental. Also remember, there should be no limit to your water-intake. I make sure I drink lots of water on a daily basis.

Skin secrets:

An easy path to flawless skin is sweating it out. It’s very important for the pores of the skin to open up and respire. That’s exactly what happens when the body sweats. Our skin also reflects what we eat, therefore, include as much of raw fruits and green vegetables in your diet as possible. Natural fluids like coconut water and plain lukewarm water also work wonders for me.

Avoid direct sun exposure:

Since its peak summer these days, I steer clear off tanning in the sun. Try and avoid direct expose under direct sun as far as possible. Over exposure of direct UV rays are lethal for your skin. Use a high quality sunscreen lotion half and hour before you step out.

Natural oils:

Even a soothing body massage with natural oils, like virgin olive oil can prove very reinvigorating. A gentle oil massage on a regular basis is indispensable for hair as it provides excellent nutrition to the roots. I massage my hair with natural oils twice a week and make sure the oil is rinsed off completely.

Mane magic:

The beauty products you apply are of utmost importance in the long run. So use a good-quality mild shampoo for daily use. Because the weather conditions in Mumbai are so sultry and humid, I shampoo my hair daily. I also make it a point to use a rich conditioner after I am done with shampooing. If you want great hair, try consuming as many raw almonds and walnuts during the course of day as possible. They help increase the tensile strength of hair. Lastly, to avoid bad-hair-days and split-ends, you must go for a monthly trim.


Waluscha Robinson

Traveling with Waluscha Robinson:

“I always make it a point to carry my Clarins Night Repair Cream wherever I go. I also need to carry my Clarins Daily Moisturizer but it’s not as important as the night repair cream. And of course, there’s my Clarins sunscreen. (Hmm… I see a small obsession in the making!) Where make-up is concerned, I carry just the basics – brown and pink eye shadow, a brown blush and a tinted lip gloss.”

Waheeda Rehman

A timeless beauty

Chaudhavi ka Chand.. that is how the leading lady of the 1950s, Waheeda Rehman is called by her fans. Age is nothing but just a number when it comes to this graceful actress, writes AVINASH KALLA.

The eyes still bewitch, the face still comes alive the way it did in the sixties in films like Guide, Sahib Biwi Aur Ghulam, Chaudhavi ka Chand and Ram Aur Shyam. It is hard to believe she quit lead roles some three decades ago.
Today Waheeda Rehman is a many-splendoured lady. Much in demand in Bollywood yet picking and choosing only those roles that catch her fancy. More than a star she is a successful entrepreneur and owns Good Earth Foods and Farm House Cereals.

But she’s not bid goodbye to films. She was to star in Karan Johar’s Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham but due to the sudden death of her husband she had to opt out. She later played the mother of Anil Kapoor, Abhishek Bachchan and Fardeen Khan in Anupam Kher’s Om Jai Jagdish.

Now after a gap of two years this golden girl of the fifties and sixties is all set to play yet another unusual role - that of a modern-day grandmother in Brides Wanted. “It’s the role of an on-the-go granny whose mental age is no more than that of her young grandson who is bride-hunting. It’s really exciting. I have never played a character quite like this. It was a great experience,” says Waheeda. In the film she and Girish Karnad play grandparents to young actor Anuj Sawhney who is looking for a perfect match for himself. Rather then imposing their choice on him they try and understand what today’s generation wants. So she and her husband go looking for a young lady who would compliment their grandson. But in the process they land themselves in funny situations.

The vintage actress who has worked with the legends of Hindi cinema including Guru Dutt (Pyasaa, Kagaz Ke Phool, Sahib, Biwi Aur Ghulam), Dev Anand (CID, Guide), Raj Kapoor (Teesri Kasam) and Dilip Kumar (Ram Aur Shyam) says she’s still a director’s actress.

The debutant director of Brides Wanted Girish Acharya is overwhelmed by her dedication and commitment to work. “Not for a moment did she make me feel I was a newcomer. She would simply act the way I told her to act,” he says.
Today Waheeda is not lured by the attractive offers pouring in from films and television. “I’d hate to do tear-jerking motherly roles. I much rather prefer to meet up with old friends over a lunch and be with my son and daughter Sohail and Kashvi.”

Take her down the memory lane, quiz her about the most satisfying performance and this recipient of National Award for Reshma aur Shera (1971) and three Filmfare awards feels her best performance was in Guide. “That still remains my personal favourite. I just fell in love with Rosie - the role I played. The character had so much emotional depth and the dances were just amazing,” reminisces Waheeda Rehman.

Waheeda is a complete fitness freak and even though she has recurring problem of spondylitis, the gritty actress makes it a point not to miss out on her daily schedule of practicing yoga. “I learnt yoga in Mumbai many years ago, from a personal trainer and after shifting base to Bangalore, I did an extensive course at the Bihar School of Yoga. It keeps me agile and active throughout the day,” says Waheeda.

Ask this diva of sixties her beauty secret and a radiant smile brightens her face, “Have you got your answer? Yes my secret is being positive, smiling a lot and laughing. You can never grow old if you practice all three. Your energy levels keep getting renewed.”

Energy she has in plenty. “There’s so much to do,” she says as she casts a furtive glance at her wristwatch.

Yes, at 68 there’s so much to do that this rebellious Rosie of Guide has little time to sit on her laurels.

Viveka Babajee


Height: 5 feet 10 inches

Weight: 57 kilos

Measurements: 34-28-37

Her diet regime: I try to stick as much as possible to healthy foods. I have foods with a lot of protein -- like egg whites and daal. I also try to have food with little or no oil and ghee. But I do ocassionally fall for a cheesecake or a sev-puri!

Her day begins: With a cup of black coffee. I need a lot of coffee to keep me awake. I usually have about three-four cups of coffee through the day on the days that I am working.

Lunch: Is usually vegetables, fish, salads and lots of fruit juice. I normally don't snack much during the evening. I eat half a melon or a lot of fruits.

Dinner: Is usually two slices of brown bread and a piece of chicken or mutton. I try not to have rice at all. No rice, no roti for me. But I love brown bread.

Her exercise routine: I do a full circuit. I work out for about two hours every day, four times a week. I am into weights. I do a lot of weightlifting. I do 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercises a day, followed up by a round of weightlifting.

Vidya Balan

Vidisha Pavate

Lakme divas

Top model and ramp regular Vidisha Pavate shares her beauty and fashion secrets

"Less is more-- whether it is makeup or dressing up for an occasion", says dusky supermodel Vidisha Pavate. Her message to LakmeIndia readers: "keep it simple and stylish."

My morning beauty regimen:
I like to wake up looking and feeling good. So the previous night I use skin caviar for my face and an under eye cream-- to prevent puffy eyes and dark circles.
I wake up late so I usually just have time to apply mascara and then leave for work. Mascara for me is a must-have.

My quick beauty tip
Just keep two things handy- a mascara and a lip stain. Long and thick lashes always enhance the eyes. A lip stain works as a lip colour and if in the correct shade works beautifully as a blush and eye shadow.

Must-haves in my handbag

I always carry my lip gloss in my bag- not only does it act as a moisturizing balm, but also gives it a lovely subtle colour and helps define the shape.

My wardrobe favorite

I am not much of a label person. Modeling takes me to different parts of the world so I usually shop out of India. My style is more casual. I love wearing jeans, comfy cargos or draw-string linen pants during the day. For evenings I love long flowing skirts with a sexy top, or an elegant evening dress. The trick to looking dressy is in accessorizing the garment. To be honest my wardrobe favorite is my shoe collection. I am more passionate about shoes than I am about clothes. And in my opinion- less is more, whether it is makeup or dressing up for an occasion.

Favorite Shopping Destinations
I love shopping at Zara and Mango (anywhere in the world). I shop a lot when in Dubai and in India I enjoy shopping at Ensemble and Aza.

My Exercise Regime
I am a little lazy when it comes to working out, I hate going to the gymnasium, so I have a treadmill and exer-cycle at home. Skipping is also great as it exercises the whole body. Due to our hectic schedules and travel, I find it hard to be regular with any form of exercise. So I prefer to stay away from weights and stick to cardio and freehand exercises which can be done anywhere.

Urmila Matondkar

Urmila Matondkar's fitness secrets

Health and fitness is not new to Bollywood superstars and this time to unveil her mantra of healthy living was Bollywood damsel Urmila Mantondkar. Matondkar was in Pune for the inauguration of Slim Instant obesity centre —a health clinic — where she refused to speak on anything but the subject at hand.

"Gone are those days when looking good was a prerogative of an actress only. Nowadays every woman wants to look beautiful," said the star as she espoused on the importance of good health.

Ask her about her diet and the reply is instant. "I am a Maharashtrian and believe that home-made food is the best way to keep healthy. Though erratic working hours and busy shooting schedules make it difficult for me to follow a particular routine, I make it a point that whenever I am at home, I eat home-cooked food, and exercise regularly," said Matondkar.

So is dieting a much hyped-up concept? “Well you don't need to talk about diet so much, just eat on time and follow a regular exercise pattern, and you will be fit. What is important is to have healthy and nutritious food. In fact I would like to add one more thing- looking attractive and being slim are two different things. Being attractive has more to do with attitude than your looks," she advises.

The Rangeela girl has been out of sight for quite some time from the big screen, but the small screen has been luckier. Matondkar has recently been seen as the judge for a reality show. "What makes this show different is the fact that contrary to individual contestants, the entire family will be participating in the show making it a must-watch for the viewers of all age groups," she said of her tele appearance.

The actor has been a frequent visitor to Pune and says she enjoys coming to Pune. "I love the historic charm of the city. Every time I come to Pune I make it a point to visit Shaniwarwada. But looking at the way the city is growing I am afraid it will very soon be a metropolis and will lose its identity. From being a quiet place its fast becoming as chaotic as Mumbai," she sighed.

What's Urmila's Secret for a Healthy Mind & Body?

"Give up red meat. Seafood is the best option."

What's the Secret of Urmila Matondkar's Glowing Skin?

"I don’t do a regular workout and am a complete foodie, but I try to maintain balance. I don’t party or drink."

Ujjwala Raut

Ujjwala Raut: Life after motherhood

We caught up with international model Ujjwala Raut at the Hilton Towers, Mumbai, where she is staying with film producer hubby Craig Maxwell Sterry and their three-month old baby. Ujjwala is in India for the Fashion Week, marking her comeback to modelling after a gap of three years.

Born and brought up in Dahisar, Mumbai, this girl's big break came when she was just 17. She won the Look Of The Year award at the 1996 Miss India pageant, and things just changed overnight. Today, she has an enviable portfolio, thanks to her coming under the international spotlight after walking the ramp for Manuel Angaro and Tomford. She has also campaigned for Angelo Tarazzi, Paco Rabanne, Veronique Leroy, Claude Montana and Chanel, among many other Indian and international brands.

At 5 feet 10 inches, she has long mastered the art of carrying herself well. She also comes across as approachable and down to earth, making no bones about being an international model. So, when we asked her for tips on childcare and coping with those tricky post-pregnancy months, she obliged.

On losing baby fat

"I was always skinny, and never exercised. Back then it was difficult to do even ten crunches as my stomach would hurt. I weighed 49 kilograms before my pregnancy, after which I shot up to 70 kilograms. So, in order to walk the ramp this week, I had to lose a lot of weight and look fit. I have seen so many Hollywood stars and women in New York lose weight barely two months after pregnancy. I told myself, if they can do it, so can I.

After a customary rest period of six weeks post pregnancy, I took up a strenuous fitness regime. I worked for two hours daily, for 4-5 days a week, with my instructor in New York. We did an hour of kickboxing to tighten my stomach muscles. We also religiously followed a schedule of an hour of cardio. The more you sweat, the faster you lose weight, but one should take care about not getting dehydrated."

On her diet

"My husband has been very careful with my diet. Potatoes, pasta, rice and fried food are a strict no-no for me. I eat 4-5 small meals a day. There is no point eating two big meals as it slows the metabolism rate. I eat muffins and a small slice of cake, as I am breastfeeding, fruits and an omelette for breakfast. During the day, I eat lots of high protein food like steamed vegetables and chicken.

I don't drink a lot of juice, but I eat fruit right through the day. Water intake at regular intervals is also a must and I sometimes drink decaffeinated tea. I now weigh 59 kilograms."

On skin care

"My hormones went crazy post pregnancy and I had a lot of pimples. Again, water and fruits did the trick. My favourite beauty product is a pink blush by Giorgio Armani. It gives the cheeks a baby pink colour. I also use a rosebud lip balm.

Other tips I could suggest include getting a facial done at least once a month. Also, try a papaya mask or some natural mask that suits your skin. Apply lotion on your skin every time you wash your face. Skin should not be left without lotion as it tends to dry. Also scrub it regularly, as this helps remove dirt, black heads and white heads. I sleep a lot and can drop off anywhere. Other than that, I only use make-up remover and moisturiser. But it’s not just about being pretty, I now have the confidence,” she stresses.

On her acting dreams

"I am taking acting classes for the first time in NY and it's quite a different experience altogether. It's so different from modelling, where we just need to look gorgeous without saying a word. Acting is much more difficult. I aim to act in films overseas and would consider Indian films too, if something worthwhile came up."

On her assets

"Photographers around the world love my never-ending legs. I wish my nose were a bit straighter though."

On the Indian fashion scene

"I think Wendell Rodricks is one designer who takes his collection to another level. He knows his mind and is confident with his offbeat ideas and garments. I think Acquin Pais is very hot, and has a great body.

To make it internationally, Indian models need to know that the focus should be on the clothes, not on them. They need to know how best to display the clothes without resorting to any drama on stage. There is so much competition that if you have an attitude, a designer or the organisers can drop you and take someone else. Men don't need to have pumped up arms and huge chests, because that looks unreal. They might as well be into weigh lifting than modelling!"

On her baby

She has been such a good baby. She doesn't give me any trouble at all. My husband has been very supportive, babysitting while I am doing the show here. My mother and younger sister are a great help too."

Udita Goswami

Traveling with Udita Goswami

“I think I carry almost everything with me when I’m travelling! But if I absolutely HAD to carry something it would be my sunscreen by Vichy, which I use every morning after washing my face.I also think basic make-up is always needed in a field like mine, whether by choice or not. I mean, sometimes I see these actresses without any make-up and I’ll laugh and be like, ‘My God, is that the same actress?!’ Kajal, lip gloss and blush are essential, just to add that hint of colour, and I always make it a point to carry them with me.”

The Secret Behind Udita Goswami's Figure!

Aerobics, kickboxing and controlled diet are some of the secrets behind the sylphlike figure of actress Udita Goswami.

Just a couple of years back, Udita didn’t care a hoot for fitness. And now, she frets over it.

Over the past few months, she has been working out at gym regularly (except recently) and she is also into aerobics and kickboxing.

“It’s (aerobics) a lot of fun and also extremely effective. After one hour, I feel absolutely drained,” a report quotes Udita as saying.

Udita also follows a very strict diet regimen. She takes a very light breakfast with lime juice, honey and dry fruits. She eats chapattis with vegetable subzi for lunch and she hardly eats any white rice. Also, she prefers homemade food and seldom eats outside.

And after all this, Udita’s dance rehearsals and shows do the rest to burn the extra fat and calories.

The curvaceous belle was last seen in Aksar. Next, she is getting ready for an item number in director Aditya Datt’s second film Dil Diya Hai.

That is where those slinky curves come handy.

Twinkle Khanna

Tulip Joshi

Actress Tulip Joshi is a fitness freak.

Wanna know the secret behind Tulip Joshi's stunning figure? Well the enchantress makes sure she does 50 'surya namaskars' if she fails to hit the gym. "I think surya namaskar is ultimate, it works wonders for your body. Besides if you can't make it to the gym or if it's too far, this is just the right option," explains Tulip.

Does she also follow a rigorous exercise regime? "I do frequent the gym and do a little bit of everything including cardio, weights and stretches. I think cardio is very important for the heart and also helps in burning calories."

"You should do things that suit your body. Also, I keep changing my diet. I believe one should have light food every few hours. Working out keeps me fit and rejuvenated mentally and physically," she wraps up.

It’s all about the ‘feel good factor’
Tulip Joshi, Actress

My workout regimen

I work out 6 days a week for an hour each day. I do cardio 3 times a week and do around 100 crunches.

I work out a lot on my abs as well. I also love running for miles either on the treadmill or along the beach. I work out for the ‘feel good factor’. Running for me is a form of meditation, which helps me control the mind.

One must be comfortable in his or her body and skin. A controlled diet and adequate exercise makes you very confident, energetic and brings a positive approach towards life. One must not blindly follow trends but do what suits you and keeps you happy! I also do yoga three times a week.

My diet regime

I go through different phases, nothing is permanent for me. I keep altering my diet according to the season so that the body doesn’t stagnate.

At the moment, my diet is to eat everything in moderation and I am a nutritionist as well so I have a fair amount of scientific knowledge of what’s good and what’s bad. Fibre and green vegetables are every important for me and so is protein in moderation. My diet mostly includes:

Breakfast: Eggs – boiled/omelette with the yolk and fruits – be it oranges, bananas, papayas or any seasonal fruit. And sometimes fruit yogurt as well.

Lunch: An omelette of eggs with chicken tikka or tuna or any other meat (even tinned luncheon meat at times)

Mid meals: Fruits, fruit juices, (berries are my favourite), nuts like almonds, peanuts, walnuts, hazelnuts (which is excellent for the skin).

Dinner: It consists mainly of tandoori chicken/fish-salmon, prawns/grilled chicken and curds topped with red wine, sometimes!

My happiness quotient

My loved ones, family, friends, work, a good film and my music! Music for me is as important if not more than food, it can put me in a trance.

It can change my frame of mind. I simply love music. I have a collection of over 5,000 songs. Work also gives me great joy as I can also detach from things and can stay calm and meditate at the most crowded places, or the most complicated of situations, so work for me is nothing but joy, not much of a stress.

I love massages – they are one of the best ways to de-stress. I can take them for three hours non-stop! Also, coming home to your family and loved ones can erase any bad memories of the day you have had.

Tina Chhatwal

Tina Chhatwal - Former Femina Miss India

Beauty secret :: My fitness training. A lot of models will tell you they don’t need to do a single thing to look as good as they do, but come on! If you want something to look good you’ve got to take care of it.
Magic product :: Neutrogena face wash, keeps me spot free. There’s nothing more depressing than a visible spot, nothing more magical than making it vanish.
Handbag essential :: CK perfume, lip gloss from Body Shop and my MAC studio fix.
Can’t live without :: My lip gloss. Your mouth is so important – you smile with it, talk through it, kiss with it – your lips are the most inviting, enticing part of your face.
Must have :: Mineral water.
Beauty tip :: Use good products, moisturise your skin well, drink lots of water and eat fruit.

Tapur Chatterjee

Beauty tips by Tapur
Some beauty and fitness tips by hot model Tapur Chatterjee.

For a glowing complexion, it's very essential to have a healthy skin. I never to abuse my skin and am very particular about the amount of sleep I get, as a good night's sleep really recharges your system. Given a choice I prefer hitting my sack instead of partying.

I do make it a point to visit the gym whenever possible, I concentrate on cardio combined with weights, as it suits my body type. I am lucky not to have any problem areas.

Its easier for people to assume that models follow some stringent diets, but I never deprieve myself from any food. I eat healthy food and even if it were to eat ten meals in a day I would not mind it. My typical day begins with a cup of hot chai coupled with a packet of cream biscuits, followed with cereals and fruits for breakfast. I am not too finicky about lunch and dinner as long as it is well cooked.

Once I am off the glare of camera, I let my skin breathe by staying away from make up. I am particular about the shape of eye brows as it enhances the entire facial contours, I keep mine slightly arched and fuzz free. I am not much of a base user as I do not have dark circles.

I am blessed with healthy hair, genetically but do look after them by indulging in a regular coconut oil hair massage.

Everyone should feel comfortable in what their body structure is like and work at improving it. I do not say it is bad to resort to artificial means like liposuction or implants, but on a personal level I won't be easily convinced about trying it. I used to be a smoker earlier but have given it up completely. And lastly I think if you are content it not only shows but shines through your face.

Erm… something I absolutely have to have while I’m travelling… nothing really, to be honest. I mean, you can buy soap and get water anywhere so maybe the only thing I’d make it a point to carry would be a moisturiser. Even there, I’m not finicky; any reputed brand will do.

Tanushree Dutta

Crowned Miss India in 2004, this Bengali beauty started her career with the re-mix music video Saiyyan dil mein ana re. Trying hard to make her mark in Bollywood, she is currently shooting for four films. There is one under the banner of Raj Kamal films, another film in Telugu, and two others under the baton of Vikram Bhatt and Subhash Ghai. IMAGES BoF peeks into Tanushree Dutta's wardrobe.

Casual Comfort

When I am shooting or shopping I generally wear tops or t-shirts teemed with jeans or floral skirts. At home I wear tees with shorts, a nighty or pyjamas. I don't like using one particular brand simply because I don't want to be tied down to a single style. So I have 15-20 different brands in jeans like Levi's, Diesel, Copper, Forever 21 and so on, each having its own style.

Formal Tucks

For a party I prefer sleek westernwear like a gown or a skirt. Recently I picked up some elegant gowns by Violet, who designs for Bollywood celebs. In ethnicwear I have a great collection of salwar suits and saris which I seldom get to wear. I wear a lot of stuff from Ritu Kumar, Satya Paul and other designers which I pick up from designer stores. When I am in Kolkata I freak out on saris. The city has luxurious sari shops with thousands of varieties. Even though I don't wear them often I like collecting saris with fine work. Moreover, I get saris as gifts as well.

Foot Loose

Unlike my clothes I stick to Aldo or Nina for footwear because they are sturdy, comfortable and have the best heels.

Be Jewelled

Usually I wear a pair of diamond earrings, a pendant and finger rings of yellow sapphire, coral and a solitaire that my family guru has recommended for astrological benefits. At times I wear long dangling earrings to match my outfit.

Treasure Tote

Bags speak about your personality so I have lot of bags in various sizes, shapes or material like metallic, leather and so on. I pick them up from abroad from H&M, Aldo or any where I find a good piece.

War Paint

Make-up is another big domain I shop for. I like Christian Dior foundation and nail polish, Mac eye shadows and lip glosses. I also use Nina Ricci lip gloss and Revlon nail polish. I don't use Indian products as I am not too sure of their quality.

Under Secrets

I like L'essenza and Victoria's Secret for their fit. H&M, the designer store at London is where I buy them from.

Shopping Destination

Twice a year I visit Dubai. I like the place for shopping as all major brands are available there. I also pick up stuff from London and the US.

Brands I Long For In India

It is when I go abroad that I shop so it does not matter to me if they come to India or not. The foreign brands that are in India now never have adequate stocks and they are more expensive here.

__+//Actress Tanushree Dutta admits to being a beauty junkie

An absolute make-up must-have:

My favourite beauty treatment:
A deep tissue massage. It takes care of my whole body and skin.

My best feature and how I highlight it:
My Bong eyes! I use L’Oreal’s Double Extension Mascara and MAC kajal to highlight them.

My worst feature and how I camouflage it:

My skin loves:
Water, ice and a healthy diet.

Make-up by day:
Is simple. I don’t use any base, a bit of mascara, kajal and a peach or pink gloss from myhuge cosmetics collection.

Make-up at night:
I usually avoid heavy make-up when off the sets. However, at night I would go for shimmer and darker colours to match my outfit.

A make-up blooper and how I coped with it:
I was shooting for an intense scene for ‘Aashiq Banaya Aapne’ and I hadn’t used waterproofmascara. I had to do my make-up all over again from scratch.

Beauty rituals:
Cleansing, toning and moisturising.

10 minutes to go on a special date, your style funda would be:
Casual and comfortable, yet subtly sexy.

Energy boosters:
Sleep! I try to squeeze in a 20-minute power nap into my schedule.

Tress fix:
I have healthy locks, as my diet is rich in proteins and I also see to it that I oil and washit regularly.

Fitness mantra:
I workout at least thrice a week and I am more into cardio. I avoid eating out and stick tohome food and completely stay from aerated drinks.

One tip that has never let me down:
Drinking lots of water. It not only flushes out the toxins, but also makes my skin glow.

Ageing gracefully/going under the knife:
There’s a certain amount of beauty and grace that comes with age. Besides, it’s too painful to eventhink about going under the knife!

___+//Celebrity Lifestyle: Tanushree Dutta

The charm of getting a glimpse into the lifestyles of the rich and the famous never wears out. Tanushree Dutta shares a bit of her lifestyle with MSN readers

Your favourite holiday spot: Mauritius, as they have water sports and even though I can’t swim, I love the water; so I got ample opportunity to relax and do under-sea walking.

One of your most romantic moments: Was definitely a candle-light dinner some time back

The fashion accessory that defines your style: Earrings

Gizmo you can’t part with: My phone which is a Nokia N72.

Which character trait do you admire the most in people and why: Integrity and sincerity.

Your birthday: 19th March

Your favourite food: Without a doubt, Bengali.

Your favourite movie: Step mom

Your dream man/woman: Yet to come

One word to describe yourself: Dreamy

Your favourite one-liner: Don’t use them

Your beauty secret: Eat well, sleep well, work out and stay happy.

The health tip you hang on to: Drink lots of water

The joke that still keeps you in splits: Nothing, really, I am very bad at remembering jokes.

The person you admire the most: Would certainly be my parents.

____+//The 'Chocolate' babe is real foodie

"I eat lot of chocolates and sweets so it becomes very important for me to workout. I hit at the gym every morning and do both cardio and weight training. I don't believe in eating less and starving myself. I eat wholeheartedly and then do exercise to cut the fats. For a glowing skin, I take 10 glasses of lukewarm water as it purifies the blood and makes me look more appealing.

Tanushree Dutta: "I don't count my calories. But I eat healthy. And my diet keeps changing according to my level of fitness.

Nowadays I start my day with cereals with milk and eggs. Then I've 5 small meals throughout the day comprising chicken fish and vegetables.

Right now I'm completely off sweets and junk food."
Tanushree Dutta discusses issues close to her heart
Tanushree Dutta is in a mood to experiment. The sultry actress best known for her dare-bare flicks (think Aashiq Banaya Aapne and Raqeeb), is now ready to do comedy and is even involved with a children’s film. Despite provocations in the form of catty comments by an industry senior, she’s refusing to react and says nothing matters in life right now, but work. Romance and love are on hold as well(her painful breakup with Aditya Dutt is a topic she won’t like to discuss anymore). So, here’s Tanushree uncut…

Experimenting onscreen:
I believe every actor should do different roles so that he/she does not become typecast in a particular image. After doing a negative role in Raqeeb, I will be doing comedy and action in my forthcoming releases. Doing action stunts was a terrifying and, at the same time, a thrilling experience. I am also looking forward to Priyadarshan’s fun film, where I am wooed by four men. In real life, it could be a very scary prospect!

Food, food:
I am a complete foodie. I love cooking and usually try to experiment with various cuisines. And, while Chinese food is my favourite, it is butter chicken that I am nuts about.

Another Imelda Marcos?
I have a fetish for shoes and jewellery. Whenever I see footwear that appeals to me, I usually buy it. I may not always wear it, though.

Travel bug:
I love travelling. Especially, with friends and family. I usually travel whenever I get time. In India, Goa is my favourite place. I also love Hampi. I find it fascinating. Dubai is a very charming place. During the Dubai Shopping Festival, I shop till I drop. I also like London. It is a great place especially during Christmas. The weather at that time is great.

Yes, I am one, but it is only in matters of shoes and jewellery. Its almost like an addiction.

I have been getting a lot of endorsement offers ever since I joined the industry. Recently, I became the ambassador for a jewellery brand. It was my very first endorsement. I agreed because its collection was fabulous and something I could relate to.

‘Classical’ beauty:
I have started training in Kathak. It is an important part of my fitness regime. Although not many people know, I am a trained classical vocalist. As a child, I was trained for six years in Hindustani classical and Rabindra Sangeet.

Hot Bod:
I follow a very simple schedule to stay in shape. I go to the gym, I dance and eat right. And, I do not deny myself the pleasures of food. But, I rarely binge.
Tanushree Dutta is short of clothes
After having lost oodles of weight, actress Tanushree Dutta is going wild shopping for designer clothes.

Tanushree Dutta is turning out to be a shopaholic - she’s been on a shopping spree for designerwear of late. The reason is that she has been on a fitness agenda.

Besides hitting the gym to burn her calories, she has also been training in Kathak, which has toned her body completely.

She now looks like a million bucks with her svelte figure. Tanushree discovered that she has to replenish her wardrobe, since her clothes don’t fit her anymore.

So Tanushree literally had to replace all her clothes with new designerwear. Though it has cost her a bomb, she’s not complaining. She seems quite pleased with the trade off!
'I took Bips' catty remark positively'
30 Aug 2007, 0000 hrs IST , VINITA CHATURVEDI , Epaper
Tanushree Dutta is glowing these days. She talks to NTabout the secret behind the million dollar look, her Dhoni connect and Bipasha Basu

Lean looks, subtle hair tones (after those 'in the face' blond streaks) and a brand new wardrobe. That's Tanushree Dutta in her new avatar. While rumours claim that the makeover is for her forthcoming release Dhol, the lady herself begs to differ. In a tete-a-tete with NT, the former Ms India talks about Bipasha Basu's sassy remarks and her brand-new approach to people's cattiness.

On her makeover
"I know a lot of people are saying that it's because of new film Dhol, but that's not true. The makeover process started after I finished the work for my film, which was nearly four months back. Initially I had those blond streaks, giving me that NRI kinda look but now I have subtle shades of brown in my hair."

Going feminine
"I am in that feminine mode these days and ready to experiment. Earlier, I just stuck to one designer but now I am buying all those dainty dresses from various designers. This new, soft look is visible in my make-up too, with more stress on the way I do my eyes these days."

On her dance lessons
"For the past few months, I am learning Kathak. It's all part of my fitness regime. Dancing is the healthy way to remain fit. Since I am doing a lot of stage shows, this is going to help me there too. And of course I will improve my latkajhatkas in the films also."

On her weight loss
"Yes , I have lost oodles of weight. Earlier because of my erratic hours, I had put on a lot of weight. But now that my family has shifted to Mumbai , I am leading a disciplined life. But I can never go for a crash diet like some of the other actors. I eat everything under the sun but I never binge. It was a mix of yoga and work outs that did the trick.

On Bips' catty remark
"It takes a lot of courage to make such a remark on national television. Bipasha certainly has a lot of guts. I don't know what her intentions were behind the remark, but I have taken it positively. So in a way Bipasha is one of the few people responsible for my slim look, although I must make it clear that I had already started the process, before she made that nasty remark."

On her new projects
"At the moment I am doing a lot of stage shows all over the world. There are a couple of interesting films, which will be finalised by next week. Right now I am not supposed to talk about them."

On her love life
"I am single but not ready to mingle . After my bad experience with Aaditya Datt, I am not going to jump into anything. I strongly believe in destiny. Things happen, when they have to. Right now my family is my first priority and my younger sister, who is studying in class X, needs a lot of attention. So love can wait."

On her link up with Dhoni
"That's the craziest thing that I heard. Actually both of us belong to Jharkhand and we were supposed to attend an award ceremony organised by the Jharkhand government, along with our respective familes. Since both of us couldn't make it, next I knew that our names had been linked. I have never met him in my life yaar!"

Star Makeup Kitty

Tanushree: Make-up is another big domain I shop for. I like Christian Dior foundation and nail polish, Mac eye shadows and lip glosses. I also use Nina Ricci lip gloss and Revlon nail polish. I don't use Indian products as I am not too sure of their quality

Tania Zaetta

Tania Zaetta: This hottie is a complete fitness freak. I skip to keep fit. Besides that what brings glows on my skin is mango chutney and coconut water, which I take regularly.


Beauty secrets unveiled

So Tabu’s beauty secret is out. It’s mineral water! The dusky actress confessed in a recent interview that she uses mineral water to wash her face. Why? Because ace cameraman-cum-director Manmohan Singh, in whose film she made her leading lady debut, recommended the same as the best way to avoid acne and pimples, which she is prone to. And for those who grumble about she insisting on mineral water on the sets of her films, Tabu clarifies that she pays for them!

Tabu believes that her favorite accessory is her great-looking hair. "I shampoo my hair regularly. Using a shampoo regularly makes your hair look dazzling. I also believe in oil therapy for my hair. I oil my hair at least twice a week. I also apply an herbal hair powder, which we make at home, to nourish my hair. I make it a point to blow-dry my hair if it gets wet or after washing it. That really helps. I believe, that if you have straight hair, use shampoos with cleansers and if you have thick and coarse hair, avoid shampoos with added proteins, as they tend to worsen the hair condition. For normal hair, use mild shampoos made with moisturisers.

Sushmita Sen

Sushmita Sen is one of the most disciplined and beautiful actors in Bollywood. She has given the traditional Indian saree the most glamorous and sensual look through her films in recent times. Esha Deol has undergone training to slim down and tone her body. She dances and eats a balanced diet to create a vision of beauty.

The first thing Sushmita Sen, one of the most beautiful women in Bollywood, advises is a peaceful mind which reflects in a glow on the face. “If your mind is under control and is tuned to positive thoughts, you are a winner in the beauty field,” she says, “I personally prefer Yoga and meditation every day to retain the freshness of my face and mind.” Of course, other than that, she works out every day to keep her body in shape. Strangely enough, though she herself has a colourful personality, she believes that pastels like light pink, cream and beige bring on a peaceful mood in the wearer. “Though I wear bright colours as per the requirements of the characters I play, in my personal life I wear light colours so that I look fresh and happy when I go to any function or party.” Sushmita, who has given a new look to the traditional Indian saree with her élan and elegance, also advises a balanced diet in the midst of heavy partying or a busy nightlife. “Young people party relentlessly and their eating habits become erratic and damaging to their systems,” she says. Sushmita herself avoids fried foods – especially fast food varieties which are so common today. Cereals with milk and a few almonds help her to start the day with a burst of energy. Fruit and juices also are beneficial according to her. The secret of her glowing face? She applies papaya and orange juice on her skin regularly! One last tip from Sushmita: She says that gracious and smiling behaviour with friends, family and even strangers, whom one meets in everyday life, is a major key to a shining personality.

_+//Susmita Sen’s beauty secret!
by Rajiv Dutta

Miss Universe Sushmita Sen is the ultimate style diva. Her drop-dead gorgeous looks, svelte figure, sparkling eyes, and million dollar smile are the stuff dreams are made of. The beautiful lady reveals her beauty secrets...

Sush's beauty mantra : “Happiness! Beauty for me is God's signature and it should come from within.”

Beauty tips : “Since I am filming most of the time, so water and sleep become scarce and that shows on the skin in form of dryness. So, proper skincare is essential. Everyone would want to touch your glowing skin!”

“Another quintessential thing is to have a proper and sound sleep at night to let your skin rejuvenate in a right way.”

Brand etiquettes : “I personally believe in sticking to a product that I choose because frequent switching over is not good at all and you end up getting no benefits from either of the products. So, have patience and give some time to show the effects of the product on your skin.”

On ageing : “I think ageing has been a concept that most people don't want to talk about but they need to understand that it's a natural process. I like being my age and accepting your age is accepting yourself. It's so important for women to realize this.”

Last word : “Due to our changing lifestyle, skin related problems can appear at an early age but there is no need to fight anything. I know a friend who says that she is not going to grow a day older after 29 and that's the right attitude. Remember, looking good is one thing but feeling good is everything.”

___+//I can feel the difference: Sushmita
7 Aug 2007, 0000 hrs IST,TNN

Sushmita Sen joins Indian women in lauding a solution to skin ageing problems being provided by a new product.

Olay, the No 1 skin care brand in the world’s fashion capitals, has now come to India. Launched by P&G, Olay Total Effects is a one-stop solution intended to help Indian women fight the seven vital signs of skin ageing. It has VitaNiacin technology and SPF 15 that fight ageing while also moisturising the skin and protecting it from sun damage.

Olay Total Effects was presented to some of India’s leading beauty icons and women achievers from the fields of fashion, beauty, television, the corporate world, fitness industry and academics. After a period of four to six weeks, these women shared their positive experiences with the product and some are now even passionately recommending Olay Total Effects.

Sushmita Sen, whose hectic life takes a toll on her skin and causes discolouration and makes the fine lines visible, said Olay Total Effects did wonders for her. “You can actually see the difference on my skin. I just love the product. It’s such a one-stop shop,” said the former Miss Universe.

Television actress and anchor Tisca Chopra revealed, “My make-up man said, ‘Madam, there is no need to use base on your face now’.”

While popular hair-stylist and beauty expert Coleen Khan laughed, “My mother-in-law complimented me for the way my skin was glowing, what more can I ask for?”

And celebrity hair-stylist of the stars, Dilshad Pastakia added, “Now there is no need to carry a bag of skin care products and treatments. Olay Total Effects has replaced all of them.”

Meanwhile, health and wellness expert Shikha Sharma who has helped several women stay young and healthy, said people were asking her what she was doing these days. “My skin has such a glow,” she said.

Economist Roopa Purushottaman exclaimed, “My old teacher asked me, ‘What are you doing to your skin, it’s better than when you were in my class!’”

Leading cosmetologist and dermatologist Dr Kalpana Sarangi explained the reason behind these compliments for Olay Total Effects. “VitaNiacin is an effective combination of vitamins that fights the seven signs of skin ageing, leaving the skin soft, smooth, radiant, even toned and firmer. It is ideal for Indian skin because Olay Total Effects is coupled with moisturiser and sun-protection.”

A ten-week clinical study of 200 Indian women between 30 and 60 by a panel of leading dermatologists analysed the effects of a VitaNiacin moisturiser versus an ordinary moisturiser. After a discussion using global and Indian data, the panel concluded that the VitaNiacin-containing moisturiser can fight the seven signs of skin ageing and its technology is suitable, safe and acceptable for Indian women.

For more on this, catch Bollywood diva Sushmita Sen sharing her beauty secrets tonight on Maximum Style Beauty on Zoom at 8.30 pm.

Scherezade Shroff

Close-up with Scherezade Shroff

SHE IS: Scherezade Shroff

BACK TO THE BASICS: This thoroughbred Mumbai girl lives with her parents and two equally lovely-looking elder sisters. That apart, she is a self-confessed sports freak.

THE BIG BREAK: Came when she was signed on by a reputed modelling agency and then bagged a television commercial for Nokia.

YEARS ON THE RAMP: Almost two.

THE ASSIGNMENT SHE’D MOST LIKE TO TOM-TOM: Being on the cover of New Woman.

RAMP CATASTROPHE: Fortunately for Scherezade, she is yet to have an embarrassing ramp moment.

THE LAST TIME SHE GOT DRUNK: “I can’t remember,” she says, but doesn’t specify if that was because of the resulting black out!

HER TOP BEAUTY SECRET: Drinking lots of water and washing her face at least thrice a day.

SHE’S MOST GUILTY ABOUT EATING: Cake and chocolate. “Thankfully,” she says, while we plan to wring her neck, “I am lucky to have a high metabolism, so I don’t need to starve myself!”

IF SHE WEREN’T A MODEL: She’d probably be a lawyer.

THE NEXT STEP: “Possibly acting...”

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sushma Reddy

Sushama Reddy: There is nothing like a match made in heaven.

The proverbial ugly duckling that turned into a swan - and one heck of a swan too! That's Sushama Reddy for you.

Recently, this gorgeous looking star decided to drape herself in a peach-silver colour dress for Falguni and Sushil Jhaveri of Fuel for their Fall-Winter Bridal line. Monica Vaziralli complimented Sushama for looking "one hot number that every young man would want to make his bride!"

So when is Sushama getting "ready" to wear that dress for real? Shaaditimes asked her about it and more.

What is your favourite dress for the red carpet? And what colour would it be?
Gowns are a cool style statement today. However, more is not always good. Go for a dress that is well cut, so that it gives you good shape and colour. Your dress designer must design to your shape. But it is interesting that on an International red carpet the saree always stands out. It doesn't have to be a traditional one. A simple saree and a short cut blouse will do the job.
Aqua, red, jet black, or tones of gold and platinum are my kind of colours. You must choose a colour that flatters your skin colour.

What looks good on a bride?
It depends on the bride and her budget. Typically a bride can choose a traditional heavy dress with all the jewels. Or she can opt for a lighter, modern look. Today, designers tailor dresses that are opulent and look heavy but are actually easy to wear and mingle in. Not like earlier bridal wear used to be - bulky.

And the make-up for a bride?
I would suggest avoiding any kind of heavy make-up unless you are on the screen or have something to hide on your face. Try to keep it light on your cheek, eyes and lips. And it is more important to highlight your eyes. So less is more.

What is the formula for a perfect relationship for you?
There isn't just one! There is a lot of hard work that is involved in a relationship. There is nothing like a match made in heaven. It requires lots of understanding, lots of compromises, willing to step back and making a relationship work.
Two intelligent people maintain a relationship. Sometimes there can be differences at different stages of a relationship. The people involved in a relationship must know when to raise their feelings like aggression, jealousy, passion, love and other emotions and when to drop them. They both must know how to make a room for each other.

The most romantic thing you've ever done?
I am bad with romantic things. I would rather prefer it to be more dramatic. But if I have to tell you about the most romantic thing I've ever done then it would be, (pauses), I gave my old mini home to my boy friend. And since he loves getting a massage, I gave him a professional pedicure and manicure (laughs). He loved it.

Tell us something about your Mr. Right.
(Laughs) I really can't tell his name. But (exclusively), I can tell you that he is not from our business. He is from the corporate world and he is not used to the limelight. We have been seeing each other from last 18 months now. I think we are doing good and committed. We will make it work!

What is your ideal travel destination?
Now my taste of places has changed. I like to travel to unusual and different places like high-end ecological places, volcanic climbing, etc. Recently, I went to see a crater in Costa Rica.

What's your favourite dish?
And which dish do you cook best?Oh God! I don't know where to start from. I am a big foody! (Laughs) I take myself out for lunch and dinner and that is like a 'treat of the day' for me. I can even brag that I can cook many dishes very well. But if I have to choose only one dish, I would go for "Chocolate Fondant" and some champagne. This is my most favourite dishes of all.
And I would go for any kind of general recipe to make Chocolate Fondant, which is even available, online.

What's the one thing you do before going to bed every night?
From childhood, I have had a habit of keeping hygiene. So I brush, wash my face properly before going to bed I read some of the daily financial newspapers. Now this may sound weird but I do like to read heavy things. And I read business papers in the night because I don't get time in the morning to finish reading.

What's the first thing you do when you wake up every morning?
I make sure that I have a beer mug full of watermelon juice. Be it any season, I drink it every morning. Why only watermelon juice? There is nothing special about it except that it keeps you hydrated all the time. Some times I have long days and it really helps.

What's the one mantra you believe in for staying healthy?
Nothing should be done in excess.
I believe that everything else is a fad. We can incorporate every thing but we must avoid doing things in excess as it may lead to unstable health situations.

Give one tip to our readers for loosing weight.
Today, the problem is that most people eat without focus. We eat food while we are talking over the phone, watching television, listening to the radio, or using the computer. So we must 'Eat With Focus'. And this goes for everything we do.
When we are eating our brain needs to get the feeling of satisfaction, which it won't get if you don't pay attention to what you eat.
Also, eat chaat or sugar items, don't remove them from your diet. You can eat any kind of food but remember to eat in small portions, chew it very well and eat slowly. This way you don't have to crave for anything. You can eat or cook everything you want.

Share your skin secrets
Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse! That is all I would like to stress on.Don't apply any make-up. Try to keep your skin natural. I only apply make-up when I really have to because of a shoot or something. But no matter how late I come back home, I make sure that I remove every bit of that make-up from my face.

Sushma, what is secret of your fairness of the face even without heavy make-up?

Make-up can never make your face fair; it only helps to look different. I am conscious about my health and am therefore vegetarian. There is a spiritual person within me. I believe in Buddhism, which teaches us to respect religion and duty. I always do Vipasna (silent meditation). One's face brightens if one keeps himself happy.

Great style tips from Sushma Reddy
Merril Diniz

We caught actress Sushma Reddy getting her hair done at the in-house Lakme Salon, post the opening of the show for designer Maheka Mirpuri.
On the ramp she sported a red ensemble -- a short, fitted kurta and churidar, a dupatta with lace trimmings wrapped around her yesteryears Bollywood-style bouffant (a hairstyle where the crown is all puffed up) and holding a long sausage-like golden clutch.

Cut to Sushma at the salon... She was sporting a simple spaghetti strap top, fitted denims, belt, fuchsia pink slip-ons and a funky boho-style bag by designer Malini Ramani, and she's looking radiant and fresh as a daisy.

And with two films in the pipeline, Chup Chup Ke by director Priyadarshini and Big Bazaar by Mahesh Manjrekar, she's also raring to go.

Here are some personal style tips from Sushma's closet.

Care for wavy, dry curls

"I have wavy, South Indian hair, which tends to get dry," explains Sushma.
So to keep the dryness at bay, she uses a leave-in conditioner post a shampoo, the type that you don't wash off.

"Personally I use Tigi Bedhead's conditioner. Also, NO hot styling treatments for me," she adds empathically as these tend to dry her hair even more.

For a glossy look, just take a few drops of serum and apply to damp hair, and voila you are all set for any occasion.

Belt it out

Sushma loves belts, which happen to be a hot, hot accessory at the moment.

So, how does one wear a belt especially if you have a broad waistline?

~ Choose colours carefully. Darker colours create an illusion of a slimmer waistline.

~ Wear strap-type slimmer belts, with a thin width.

~ If you love broad belts, then here's a trick. Let the belt sit loosely around your hips, as these take the focus away from your waist.

~ Er…big hips too? Then team a long skirt with a belt strapped loosely around your hips.

Shoe tips

~ Work towards accommodating five basic colours in your shoe closet -– black, white, copper, silver and gold. These can be mixed and matched with just about any colour in your wardrobe.

~ Choose shoes with a comfortable sole, always.

~ In terms of style, be ready to experiment. "I like square-toed shoes," she adds. ~ Platform shoes are OUT.

Style mantra

Sushma, a fan of footpath fashion picks up bits and pieces from roadside kiosks at places like Mumbai's Linking Road and mixes these with posher picks from designer collections and stores abroad.

"Build your individual style by mixing and matching from various places, " she advises.


Sridevi's Beauty Secrets

Ever wondered how 'Atiloka Sundari' Sridevi looks so slim and stunning despite being 40-plus woman? Okay, here is the secret behind her charms: She always takes simple 'south Indian Thali'. No, not the type of KAMAT HOTEL Thali. "I always take light food. Particularly home made Andhra food," revealed Sridevi.

That food consists of two cups of rice, Pappu (Lentils), Avakaya and curds. And lots of fruit juice. She said that even while she was doing full of Hindi films in Mumbai, she had always taken light food, Andhra style.

Though she has recently learnt the recipe of Hyderabad Biryani from her colleague Tabu, she hardly touches it. Says she: "I love that biryani but I am diet conscious. So only once in a while, I eat H.B."

South Indian cuisine is rice based. Rice is combined with lentils to make wonderful dosas, idlis, vadas and uttapams. These items are glorious and delicious besides being nourishing and digestible (due to the fermenting process). They are combined with sambhar (dal), rasam (tamarind dal), dry and curried vegetable and pachadi (yogurt). Their rice preparations are also masterpieces like biryani from Hyderabad, lemon rice and rice seasoned with coconut peanuts, tamarind, chilies, curry leaves, urad dal and fenugreek seeds.

South Indian chutneys are made of tamarind, coconut, peanuts, dal, fenugreek seeds, and cilantro. Meals are followed by coffee. South Indian dals and curries are more soupy than North Indian dals and curries. South Indian cuisine is also hotter. Coconut milk straight from the nut is a common beverage and sight in South India. Coffee is very popular in South India and Madras coffee is popular in South Indian restaurants throughout the world. The South Indian food is a brilliant blend of flavors, colors, seasoning, nutritional balance, fragrance, taste, and visual appeal..Explains why SriDevi maintains her looks...
In her 40s now, Sridevi can give any starlet a run of her money. A flawless complexion, a fantastic body and looks to kill for! if you want to know about her mantra to cut the flab — It's regular exercise, yoga and aerobics." I believe that if you're healthy within, it will reflect on your skin and hair. But if you eat a lot of oily, fried and junk food, all the facials in the world won't help. I try and follow on an organic diet as much as possible. Even my daughters now eat brown rice... They follow my diet not as a compulsion but because they are health - conscious even at this tender age. I eat fish but very little chicken, and when I'm at home I prefer to be vegetarian. I do exercise and though I would love to go to the gym every day, my travel schedules make that impossible. But I love my power - yoga sessions. I believe that you have to feel positive and respect yourself and that's what reflects in your looks."

She declares, "My husband and my children want me to look great all the time, It is only the joy on their faces when I look beautiful that encourages me to be the way I am. They are my motivation"

Sophie Chowdhury

Sophie Chowdhury's Makeup

I am a big fan of makeup. I don’t understand how girls in India say that they prefer not to wear any makeup. In fact abroad they teach you that a good moisturiser, sunscreen, and foundation are very important to protect your skin. I always wear foundation, lip gloss and mascara when I go out. My favourite brands are Mac for lipsticks and lip gloss, Chanel foundation, and Trish Mcevoy

Traveling With Sophie Choudhary:

“I always carry my face wash, moisturiser, various films and so on. I use this great face wash by Linda Meredith – she does Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow’s facials as well, and I’ve been going to her for ages – it’s her own line of products. The films are for whenever I need a face boost, and a good quick fix is this YSL product called Touche Eclat. It’s a great concealer for dark circles and marks.”
Sophie Chowdhary: "Never counted the calories. I'm a foodie. I just try to eat healthy.. I start the day with ginseng tea, a few soaked almonds, small bowl of papaya and an eggwhite omelette.Post-gym I either have a half a protein shake or an apple depending on the time. For lunch I have chicken, daal, sabzi and maximum one roti. At 5 pm I've chai and a handful of nuts or frozen yoghurt or an organic food bar.For dinner it's souped and steamed fish or grilled chicken. Lots of green tea throughout the day. And yes I do cheat on my diet twice a week. But don't tell my trainer. Ha ha.

Sonalika Sahay

Beauty Buzz With Model Sonalika Sahay

Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Career highlights: I've shot with fashion designers such as Ritu Kumar, Ravi Bajaj, JJ Valaya and Sunit Verma. I've also done the Maruti Esteem commercial and several print ads.
I kickstart my day with a glass of warm water spiked with honey and lemon, followed by five almonds soaked overnight. I love to eat a lavish breakfast of wholewheat bread and cheese, juice, cereal, sprouts or fresh fruit.
One beauty rule I always follow is to keep my skin clean. This is especially vital for me because I spend a lot of time under harsh studio lights, which stresses the skin out.
My skin loves good quality moisturisers from brands such as Clarins, and loads of water. I have dry skin; keeping it hydrated is essential for me.
My hair loves : L'Oréal products and Nova Mousse. I have curly hair so I have to be very gentle with it.I brush my hair only while conditioning, and then just let it dry naturally.
My beauty routine: I clean my face morning and evening, and regularly use moisturiser, gel and night cream. beauty
My fitness mantra: Make a trip to the gym at least four times a week. On each visit, I do about one-and-a-half hours of cardio, weights and aerobics.
I pamper my eyes with Clarins gel! I take care to remove eye make-up very gently, because that's the most delicate part of the face.
Pre-party quick-fix: Minimum make-up, lots of mascara. If I'm having a bad hair day, I tie a headband or scrunch up my hair into a neat pony.
Best beauty advice: Beauty comes from within, but it is equally important to care for your skin so that you glow from the outside in, too!

Sonalika's fitness and skincare tips
Sita Menon April 23, 2005

She is a Gemini. She stands 5 feet 10.5 inches tall.

And she was the Dior Sensation Of The Year at the Lakme India Fashion Week 2004.

After all, she has a face that is versatile enough to work with any look.

Meet Sonalika Sahay.

Sonalika is very particular about her skincare and makeup routine.

Here are her pointers:

1. If you are in the modeling business, wash and condition your hair at the end of each day. Condition it for half an hour. And wash off with cold water.

I use L'Oreal's VIVE Colour-Care Conditioner since I have coloured hair.

2. You must moisturise your skin. Use any good moisturiser. It is extremely important.

3. Drink lots of water. I can't emphasise it enough.

4. I also use under-eye gel at night, because I am under these strong lights all the time and they can age you soon.

Fitness and diet pointers:

1. Work out five days a week. Your exercise routine should be a mix of cardio and light weights.

2. Make sure you get your protein every day in your diet.

I am a vegetarian and so I make sure I have dal, sprouts and cottage cheese in my diet.