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Shilpa Shetty

EXCLUSIVE Look just as sensational as BB star

By Julie Mccaffrey And Fiona Cummins 01/02/2007

EVEN when the Celebrity Big Brother bullies reduced her to tears with their vile, foulmouthed rants, Shilpa Shetty never looked less than stunning.

And she somehow managed to be the epitome of elegance in hippo-shaped slippers - which no doubt infuriated jealous Jade and co even more

Yet the 31-year-old Bollywood beauty wasn't always so glamorous.

"Mum says I was an ugly duckling who grew into an elegant swan," smiles Shilpa, who we caught up with on a shopping spree around the boutiques of leafy Surrey.

"I was always the scrawny girl at school - tall and gangly, with skinny legs covered in bruises from volleyball and karate. When I started in films, the Indian papers ripped me apart because I made so many disastrous makeup faux pas. But I've picked up a lot of tips from make-up artists and stylists. I'd rate my looks as seven out of 10 without make-up - and nine out of 10 with it.

"I take it as a great compliment when someone calls me sexy, but it doesn't come from flashing lots of flesh. Sex appeal comes from the way you carry yourself. There is nothing wrong with wearing something lowcut, but there's a thin line between sensuality and vulgarity."

All of Shilpa's Big Brother outfits were especially made for her. But don't expect to see her in any of those £900 saris again.

"Because my Big Brother wardrobe has been seen by millions, I can't wear anything again, so I'll give them all to friends or charity shops," she explains. It's a good job she knows how to shop or her wardrobe would be bare. Today, we watch her part with £4,000 in four hours.

Her purchases include jewellery, a coat, six pairs of high heels, a designer handbag and a pair of Victoria Beckham jeans.

Unfortunately, she didn't see anything suitable for her forthcoming meeting with the Queen, as revealed in yesterday's Mirror, at a reception to honour Commonwealth Day on March 12.

"I feel very humble," she says, excitedly. "It is an extraordinary honour. It is something most people can only dream about."

Whatever she wears, "the body of Bollywood" is bound to look amazing. Yet Shilpa has never dieted and admits to a weakness for Godiva chocolates, Maltesers, custard and buttered toast.

She says: "I wear a silver chain around my waist that rides up when I've put on weight. That's when I know I've gone overboard with my favourite puddings.

"The key to a good body is simple - eat well and exercise. If you are working like a dog and eating like a pig, it won't work. I do get the odd spot. I'm not a conventional beauty, but I work hard on my looks.

"We should all make time for ourselves without worrying about being vain."

Here, Shilpa shares the secrets of her stunning looks. And fortunately for the rest of us, you don't need a £15m fortune to look fantastic...


DON'T over-accessorise. Wear big earrings but nothing on your neck, just some bangles or an amulet. I would like to do a line of those.

Pick one item of clothing that's striking and keep everything else understated. Many people throw loud items together like a shimmery top, shiny trousers and metallic shoes - big mistake!

Never follow trends or slavishly buy from the designer in favour, but pick what emphasises your body. And always match your belt with your shoes and bag.

Develop your own style. Beyonce has her own distinct look and Victoria Beckham always looks smart and chic. Among the housemates, Danielle had a young, frivolous sense of style and Cleo was always classy.


MY basic rule is "less is more". Wearing a heavy base, caked powder and red rouge just looks scary.

Never do your face in public. You distort your face to apply cosmetics and that is not an attractive look, which is why I applied mine away from the cameras in the Big Brother bathroom.

Accentuate just one feature. If, like me, you want to draw attention to your eyes keep your lipstick quite understated. If you have lovely, pouty lips, wear a darker gloss and keep your eyes subtle.

Eyelash curlers can open up your eyes and give them definition without the need for layers of mascara.

Use false eyelashes for a more glamorous night-time look.

I use products from Mac, Stella, Estee Lauder and Nars. I don't stick to one brand. If a colour suits my skin tone I may even go for a new brand. Before I go to bed, I use Johnson's baby oil to get rid of the makeup on my face and then dab it with a hot towel.


NO matter how late I come home, I always remove my make-up. I mix pure coconut oil with olive oil, smooth it over my skin and wipe it off with cotton wool. It's naturally soothing to skin.

Try to sleep for a minimum of eight hours a day and never use soap on your face - it's too harsh.

Don't overload your skin with fancy products. My mum, who is 57 and has amazing skin, says the more you use when you're young, the worse it gets when you age.

And try having your eyebrows threaded at a salon to avoid in-growing hairs.


KEEP it natural. Hair that has been crimped, curled and sprayed looks so overdone. Best to make it look as if it's natural, loose and shiny.

Wash hair every second day so it isn't stripped of natural oils. And change your shampoo regularly, as using the same products causes build up. I don't use any particular shampoo but the best conditioner is the L'Oreal Kerastase range - you can feel it working.

My hair is blow-dried straight, but I'd never use heated straighteners as they frazzle your hair.


IF you don't feel comfortable working out at a gym, change venue or you'll never go. Or do what I do and train at home.

Stretch before and after a workout to prevent muscle strain. Cardiovascular exercise keeps you fit, trim and healthy so my workouts involve light runs on the treadmill.

Lift light dumb-bells to tone your arms without bulking up - I use heavier weights on my legs for definition. And work out at least three times a week.

I am genetically blessed. I do not diet much. To be fit is very important to me. I don’t go overboard on what I eat....I do meditate regularly....I love doing squats. I’ve always felt my legs are too skinny, so I concentrate more on my lower body.... I get workout tips from my costars, Salman Khan and Sunjay Dutt, who are fitness freaks themselves.


DIETING is the worst thing you can do - I've never done anything silly like the cabbage soup diet. Instead, just eat good, natural foods in sensible portions.

I drink around 10 glasses of hot water during the day to cleanse my system, keep my skin clear and feel full.

Never snack - eating between meals just increases your calorie intake. Remember tea is always better than sugary, fizzy drinks. And don't eat after 8pm. I always eat at least three hours before I go to bed so my body has the chance to work off the calories.

___+//Shilpa Shetty's Somewhat Questionable Beauty Secrets

I spend too much on… Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer. I love it. They gave me some on a flight and as soon as I landed I went and bought some more.

My beauty regime is… simple. I never use soap on my face, and I always make sure I take my make-up off at night. I use a concoction of baby oil and coconut oil in equal parts – it’s the best thing for my skin.

My best beauty bargain is… beetroot! If you want a natural flush, boil some beetroot in the microwave and rub a bit on your cheeks over your moisturiser. It always comes out the right colour.

My beauty addiction is… collecting lipsticks. I’m quite a freak about them. I have the same pink shade in every make, but I can’t stop buying them. I especially love Estee Lauder lipsticks.

My fragrance reminds me of… happy times. All the notes in S2 are favourites of mine. At its heart it contains jasmine, which reminds me of home, and when I smell it, it instantly takes me back to India. It’s very special to me.

My worst beauty disaster was… wearing bright blue contact lenses and red lipstick. At the same time. I have no idea why I did it – I must have been about 21 and coloured lenses had just come in big time. It was a complete disaster.
So beetroot... I am speechless. I know that beetroot is a great dye and all but I wonder if she actually does this for awards shows and appearances. Judging by the depth of the shimmer and colour on her cheeks in her photos I should guess not. Just tell us what you use already! What does Desi sisterhood mean if stars don't share their product secrets with us? By the way, is there such a thing as Desi sisterhood or has the beetroot made me gone mad? See, not only am I speechless, I'm pretty much brainless too. And it's all the beetroot's fault.


Shilpa Shetty unarguably has one of the best figures in Bollywood.

The actress makes a conscious effort to maintain her svelte figure. She has set a personal gymnasium at her home in Andheri where she works out with her sister Shamita Shetty .

The gym has latest equipment and machines from Italy. On top of it, Shilpa and Shamita have hired a trainer called Sherin Poojari.

Sherin guides the two sisters in their exercises that include circuit training, speed training and high/low intensity training. Besides guiding them in exercises, Sherin also plans a diet regimen for the Shetty sisters.

Shilpa, according to Sherin, is blessed with a naturally shapely body and doesn’t have to follow any strict diet regimen.

Her meals usually are high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Shamita, on the other hand, is heavily into workouts. She is also very particular about her diet.

Five-foot-ten-inch tall Shilpa Shetty is one of the shapely belles in Bollywood. What is it that keeps her so much in shape?

Shilpa says she follows a simple diet along with a regular workout to stay fit and in good shape.

Shilpa says she likes to have nariyal paani in the morning followed by a cup of tea. She doesn’t go heavy on breakfast and her lunch is usually of the home-made food – usually a chicken or fish dish with vegetables and rice. Dinner comprises of dal or paneer.

Chocolates, ice-creams and mangoes are Shilpa’s weaknesses but she eats them sparingly because they affect her skin and health.

Shilpa says she took a break from rigorous physical exercises last year as she had a slight cervical spondylitis problem. But she has resumed working out now. She exercises twice or thrice a week. She is fond of taking fast walks and lifting weights too.
Health, fitness top priority for Shilpa at 33
A balanced diet, a strict fitness regime and regular yoga make Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty's skin glow and help her remain fit and glamorous as she turns 33.

Shilpa, who celebrates her birthday Sunday, looked svelte in a simple coral-coloured top paired with jeans at an event in Delhi.

"Yoga keeps my mind, body and soul fit," Shilpa said. "I have a neck problem and suffered from chronic spondylitis. So I started practising yoga. I took professional training and it really benefits," she added.

"I don't believe in starving myself to remain thin. I eat well, work out and practise yoga to remain healthy. But that doesn't mean I eat butter chicken and naan (bread) every day. If you want to get peace for the mind, body and soul, yoga is the only answer," she said.

She is not planning a big bash for her birthday. "I would just be spending my birthday with my family in Dubai," Shilpa told us.

Last year a special event was organised at the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) awards function in Yorkshire to celebrate Shilpa's birthday. Several film personalities attended the same.

This year the actress has planned to skip the IIFA, which is on in Bangkok now. "No IIFA this year," she said. Although last year she was recognised at the event with an IIFA special award for Global Impact, this year Shilpa has not been nominated in any category.

Shilpa, who has contributed 15 years of her life to the Indian film industry starting with 'Baazigar' (1993), was here to launch her own instructional video based on yoga titled 'Shilpa's Yoga'.

She not only features in the video, which was released internationally in English last year, but has also produced it.

"This is not a money-making thing for me. It is purely out of passion that I have done this video. I had not thought of releasing it in India, but it has been a great experience. It was tough to dub it in Hindi though," she quipped.

On the production front, Shilpa has planned a big budget action flick under her banner S2 Global Productions. She would also be acting in the film.

"I do yoga and also work out at the gym for a fit look in the film," she said.

Shilpa hit the jackpot after winning British television reality show 'Celebrity Big Brother 2007' and became a big name. Her emoting in films like 'Phir Milenge' (2004), 'Dus' (2005),'Apne' (2007) and 'Metro' (2007) also fetched her acclaim.

"I am happy that both 'Apne' and 'Life...In A Metro' were well received by the audience. November onwards, the audience would see a lot of me," she said.

The actor's new movies include Sunny Deol's and Neeraj Pathak's 'The Man', and an international venture titled 'Hanuman' with filmmaker Uru Patel.

While 'The Man' will see Shilpa portraying the role of a simple, dedicated girl who rises to instant global stardom, in 'Hanuman' she would be portraying the role of Goddess Sita.

There has lately been a lot of speculation about her plans to marry London-based Indian entrepreneur Raj Kundra. But Shilpa, who believes that "marriage is important," said: "Whenever I get to know, I will tell you when and where it would happen, what would be served, so on and so forth," she said.
Size zero is not healthy: Shilpa Shetty
Amid plethora of media reports of actresses of tinsel town; from Aishwarya Rai Bachchan to Priyanka Chopra to Bipasha Basu to Kareena Kapoor striving to achieve 'size zero' through their rigorous fitness regimes, Shilpa Shetty, the 'original Bollywood actress with a healthy body', today said all this talk of 'size zero' was a misnomer.''

Contrary to popular perception in the media, achieving 'size zero' is not healthy. In fact, for someone being called 'size zero' is not a complement. So, it is wrong on the part of the media to call someone 'size sero','' Shilpa said at a function for the release of ''Shilpa's Yoga'', an instructional video based on the ancient Indian practice of Yoga.

On the media increasingly calling her the main reference point for actresses trying to achieve a so called 'size zero' body, Shilpa said, ''I am not size zero, maybe 'size eight' but definitely not 'size zero'.''

About the media talk of Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor being the latest example of someone achieving 'size zero', Shilpa said, ''I don't think Kareena is 'size zero', maybe 'size four' or 'size five'.''

On her recipe for fitness, Shilpa said she was not in favour of indulging in crash diets to achieve a fit body.
''My Philosophy in life is 'eat well and work out hard'. At the same time, if you want to be healthy and fit, you need to have some discipline in terms of the diet you consume,'' the actress said.

Talking about her latest Yoga DVD, Shilpa said, ''it has been shot at the beautiful backwaters of God's own country 'Kerala'.'' She said the video was targetted at the international market.

''I was inspired with the idea of coming with this video after being told that all the Yoga DVDs in the market till now have been done by international experts on Yoga.

It surprised me to know that no Indian had till now come up with a video about Yoga which originated from India. So I decided to come up with one myself,'' Shilpa said.

The training and workshops in Yoga, which went into the making of the DVD, however, had the actress hooked on to the art.

''It was a great experience shooting for this video. In fact, after working on this DVD, I have myself become a great fan of Yoga. Practicing it has helped me achieve a healthy mind, body and soul.

''It is a management system for life and the most holistic approach to life that I have come across. It strengthens, tones and cures. It works on body, mind and soul. In short I can say that Yoga has had a spectacular impact on my life,'' Shilpa said.

Directed by Manisha Jha, under the instruction of well-known Yoga instructor Shiv Kumar Misra, 'Shilpa's Yoga' is picturised on the scenic beach with ceremonia elephants and Kalaripayattu fighters in the background and demonstrations of asanas in a simplified manner.

''The concept of the DVD is to make Yoga look simple, something that can be practised by anyone - from ten-year-olds to a 60-year- old,'' the actress said.

In reply to a question on whether she wanted to give competition to Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev, Shilpa said, ''there is no question of competition with Baba Ramdev. I am myself a big fan of him.

I admire him as a person who single-handedly has created a huge awareness for Yoga in the country and made it so accessible.'' Also present at the launch of the DVD were the joint managing director of Shemaroo entertainment Atul Maroo and its director Hiren Gada.
Contrary to popular belief, Shilpa Shetty does not diet. “I’ve never done anything silly like the cabbage soup diet. Instead, just eat good, natural foods in sensible portions,” she says. So, what’s her secret formula for keeping the weight off? “Never snack - eating between meals just increases your calorie intake. Remember tea is always better than sugary, fizzy drinks,” says the 32-year-old actress. “And don’t eat after 8pm. I always eat at least three hours before I go to bed so my body has the chance to work off the calories,” she adds.
Shilpa Shetty: "I don't avoid any food. My calorie intake is about 2000 per day. I don't need that much carbs because I don't do manuel work .Because I work out, I don't cut down on my carbs. So the scale tilts towards high protein.

I'm a non-vegetarian on every day of the week except Thursdays. My breakfast every day is a bowl of porridge and normal tea. My morning chai is a must. Then I work-out (3-4 times a week). After I return I've a protein shake, two dates and eight black raisins.

My lunch at 2.30 pm comprises one roti made of five different kinds of grains that I learnt about at the Oneness camp. Very high-fibre and protein-friendly. And I must have ghee on my roti, can't do without ghee on my roti, vegetables done in refined oil, chicken and daal.

Then if I've craving for something sweet I have a kulfi or a chocolate. I've green tea late afternoon and I've lots of hot water throughout the day. I've been addicted to hot water for five years. Evening, I've a flavoured soya milk.

Then a chai….no food until dinner, unless I feel hungry then maybe an omelette sandwich. Dinner it at 9.30—lettice salad with promegrenate or apple ..a clear soup. And I avoid roti in the night. I'm a late sleeper.

I'm a tv addict. I watch tv till I go into meditation before sleep. Do I feel like a pioneer in physical fitness? I've always been an athlete, my father was national-level sportsperson. My sister Shamita is more into physical fitness."

Star Makeup Kitty

Shilpa Shetty: I use products from Mac, Stella, Estee Lauder and Nars. I don't stick to one brand. If a colour suits my skin tone I may even go for a new brand. Before I go to bed, I use Johnson's baby oil to get rid of the makeup on my face and then dab it with a hot towel.


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