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Beauty secrets of Bollywood divas
Team IndiWo Feb 27, 2008
Smooth, luscious, lustrous, radiant - a complexion you could kill for. That's an asset not many celebrities can boast of. The inherent beauty of gorgeous skin can never match up with the made-up look, agrees celebrity skin specialist Dr Aparna Santhanam.

Dr Santanam lets us in on to the secrets of gorgeous skin, that some of the most flawless complexioned Bollywood divas swear by. Just stick to these little routine things and be the envy of your neughbourhood for your whipped-cream-smooth complexion.

PS - glorious skin compliments anything and everything you wear, so bid good-bye to the 'what-to-wear' frenzy everyday!

Aishwarya Rai

Rated as one of the most beautiful women in the world by HELLO magazine, this blue eyed stunner is naturally beautiful in the every sense of the term. No matter how gruelling the shooting schedule, Ash makes sure her skin regimen is never affected. Hers is a face that can launch a thousand brands, and she seems to be completely aware of it.

Here are some of Ash's secrets - people close to her reveal that Ash is a water freak - she drinks at least 8 glasses each day, if not more. A self-confessed naturalist, Ash also relies on natural products from the kitchen - cucumber to soothe her skin, gram flour to exfoliate and milk and yoghurt to moisturize.

Dr Santhanam's Secret

Sleep your way to a gorgeous glowing skin. Lack of sleep is the reason behind most of the skin problems - dark circles, dull skin, pimples, you name it. Your skin thrives on oxygen, which it gets during the sleep. So hit the bed at the first opportunity you get and catch up on some zzz.

Kareena Kapoor

The current heartthrob of Bollywood (oh yes, actor Saif Ali Khan's too), Kareena is one of the luckiest stars - she has inherited generations of peaches-and-cream complexion, a trademark of Kapoor dynasty of Bollywood.

Recently, Kareena has lost oodles of weight and has acquired a natural blush only a regular exercise routine (and perhaps love) can give. Kareena has often talked about her love for chocolate wraps, which is a known anti-oxident to stop the skin from ageing.

Dr Santhanam's Secret

A tiring session of any sort of exercise is the best facial you can get. Exercise increases the blood circulation in your body, and the blood gushes up to your face, to give you a happy glow. Exercise also rids your body of all the toxins, reducing the incidence of pimples and acne.

Contrary to popular belief, exercise can also work wonders in a short time - just give it three days and you'll see your skin tone improving!

Katrina Kaif

The moment she appeared on the silver screen in the hit Bollywood flick Maine Pyar Kyon Kiya, her lovely looks and silky Indo-Canedian complexion won our hearts! Katrina's skin has the unique mixture of the essentially Punjabi texture and an Anglo-saxon skin tone.

Katrina is often asked about the secret of her skin - she says it's her addiction to the purifying apricot oil by Anne Semoin.

Dr Santhanam's Secret

You need proteins to keep your skin looking young - whether your proteins come from fish and egg or almonds, sprouts and soy and pulses to compensate for the lack of protein.

Make sure you have enough proteins in your diet - just to lose weight, don't give up on your nutrition.

Sushma Reddy

It seems like model and actress Sushma Reddy has been around in Bollywood forever, and yet she looks as fresh and young as she looked in her first ad film.

What's her secret? "I begin my day with a huge jar of Watermelon juice. It's body cleansing. I also love to meditate - it helps me find inner peace. I think that's the secret of my glow," she says.

Dr Santhanam's Secret

Yoga is one of the most common ways to achieve glorious skin. Follow this 5-minute routine everyday and see the difference - relax your facial muscles through simple pranayam. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, hold it in for ten seconds and exhale.

Deep breathing, for even half an hour everyday can delay the arrival of wrinkles and other signs of ageing on your face.

Yana Gupta

Actress and dancer Yana Gupta justifies the term 'porcelain beauty'. Her skin always sports the freshly scrubbed, delicate look. Yana has a face, which looks even more beautiful without make-up on it than with make-up.

Yana's secret? Coconut water. "I drinks coconut water more religiously than even normal water," says the beauty. Yana also uses no soaps, but just coconut paste to cleanse her skin.

Dr Santhanam's Secret

Harsh soaps are a no-no. Exfoliate your skin at least once a week with oats , gram flour or any other scrub that suits your skin. Don't forget to cleanse thoroughly at least twice a day. Remember, sun-screen is your best friend, since weather in India is mostly sunny.

Aditi Govitrikar

When model Aditi Govitrikar walks down the ramp, it's impossible to believe that she is a mother of two!

"I think my skin is a product of my rainbow diet - I am a vegetarian and I make sure I add at least three colours in my diet every day. Greens, reds and oranges are my favourite, since they are anti-oxident-rich. And of course, I never forget to moisturise," she says.

Dr Santhanam's Secret

Follow this like a religion - cleanse, tone, moisturise.

Get your skin analyzed at least once from a dermatologist to know what kind of products suit you. If you look at the ill effects of wrong products, a visit to the dermat is totally worth it.

Moisturising is necessary even for oily skin. Never leave home without your moisturiser and sun-screen. It's a healthy habit and not an indulgence!

Prachi Desai

I don’t avoid anything food wise, as following a diet regime is impossible for me.
I don’t have much time for exercise but I don’t miss an opportunity to dance!”
My skin is allergic to makeup, so I use an oxygen cream. I am not very fussy about what I use on my skin, but I make sure that I use aloe vera and turmeric regularly.”
She is one of the most successful actress to have broken the mould that television actors cannot make it big in Bollywood. She was a sensation when she hit the small screen with Kasam Se and people couldn't help but fall in love with Prachi Desai. Here we list you her beauty secrets and her fashion tips...

When did makeup first catch your fancy?
Ever since I remember I have been crazy about makeup! I don't know if it was my aunt's or mum's lipstick I first tried - all I know is I was so young, I couldn't even put it on right.

Any beauty idols?
Not one person, no. but I have always wanted to be an actor (since I was 10) so I guess everyone was an idol for me! I would actually tie my mom's dupatta on my head and pretend that my hair was long!

Makeup for you means?
When I am not acting, it's just gloss and kajal. Usually when people step out they like to put on some makeup, but we operate in reverse because we spend so many hours in pancake on shoots that when we step out, we like to keep it basic. But yeah, I carry a just-in-case concealer on me at all times.

Brands you're hang on?
I pick up every possible product in every possible brand. For my skin, I trust Neutrogena and Kerastase works great on my hair.

Any salon treatments you love?
A hot stone massage, it rids me of stress like nothing else! And I'm religious about my hair rituals at B-Blunt.

Your day-to-day routine?
CTM is no-brainer. I always remove my makeup and then do a thorough deep cleanse and follow it up with a night cream. In the day, post cleansing I use a moisturiser and SPF. If I am shooting I slather on M.A.C primer after moisturizing.

Any troublesome parts that need extra TLC?
My nails because we have to maintain our nails for continuity. So we use gel or acrylic coats - I go for a gel French manicure. So, sometimes for months, my original nails are covered. But there's no choice as if I were to break a nail, it would mean hiding the nail from the camera all the time!

Where do you normally shop your clothes from?
A.I normally buy my clothes from "Limars" in Mumbai, where you can get all types of brands. Besides that I go with my friends to Bandra where a lot of designer's collection is to be found.

Which brands do you prefer to buy?
I am really not a brand person. I try something every time. Like when we went to Dubai for shooting, there we went to a mall. And whatever looked nice on me, I bought them. And Dubai is mostly famous for all brands.

Do you often visit fashion shows?
No, I never attend any fashion shows.

Who is your favorite fashion designer?
As I am not so much connected with fashion so I have not much idea about it. But now in my film, I am working with Manish Malhotra and I found his collections to be good.

Which is the costliest outfit you have bought till date?
My costliest outfits would be the dresses I bought from Marccian, which are of German brand, costing in between 11 to 30 thousand.

Which is your favorite party wear?
It totally depends on the occasion.

What do you generally dress up while relaxing at your home?

Generally I wear pajama, t-shirt and shorts.

Any particular colors you opt for while buying your clothes?
I used to buy too much of pink but after sometime I got fed up of buying pink color dresses. And now-a-days am into buying red dresses.

Any fashion tip you would like to give to our readers?
I just want to say that it is important to keep in touch with new trends. And wear those clothes which suits you and in which you feel comfortable.

Juhi Parmar

I am quite hassle-free when it comes to my diet. I don’t believe in dieting or following any regime.
I hate working out. My long working hours are my only exercise, which I anyway consider the best workout for me.
When it comes to my skin, I am very brand conscious. I use only branded cosmetics. Other than makeup, I use no cream or moisturizer. But to rejuvenate my skin, I use aloe vera face packs.

Bhairavi Goswami

I drink loads of water. But I eat everything without any restrictions. All I do is avoid deep fried food.
I jog regularly at Mumbai’s Worli sea face. I also go horse riding quite often. The concept of working out, meditation and stuff is, however, very alien to me.
I do not spend money on beauty salons. But I make sure that I remove my makeup properly.

Amrita Saluja

I follow a strict diet and avoid junk food and spices. Now that I have a baby, my diet includes more milk too.”
I work out twice or thrice a week. I also go for a long walk everyday and do yoga thrice a week.
I apply vegetable extracts which help my skin breathe. Other than that, I use a cleanser and a sun block.
I just love summer: Neetu Chandra

Q. How would you define beauty?
A. For me, beauty in internal and not external.

Q. Do you like summer season?
A. Oh, I just love summer.

Q. How do you take care of your complexion in summer?
A. I drink lot of water. Cucumber and water melon also helps me to keep my skin afresh.

Q. What kind of liquids do you prefer to keep away from dehydration?
A. Water, water and water. For me, water is the best drink one can have to be away from dehydration.

Q. What measures do you take to prevent your skin from sun burn?
A. I apply sun screen. I also never forget to carry an umbrella on a hot summer day.

Q. Do you avoid any kind of food habits in summer?
A. I don't avoid any particular food, but I make sure that the food isn't oily.

Q. Is there any change in your fitness regime too?
A. In summers you sweat a lot during your work out. Accordingly I manage my fitness routine.

Q. Which place do you prefer to chill out in Mumbai?
A. I like to chill out in a swimming pool or a spa.

Q. Where do you prefer to plan your summer holidays?
A. There's no place like New York. New York looks beautiful in every season of the year.

- Alok Hisaria

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I prefer to stay back at my house: Gurdeep Kohl
Q. How would you define beauty?
A. For me beauty is defined as inner beauty. Inner beauty like knowledge is the one that reflects on your face.

Q. Do you like summer?
A. No, I like winters.

Q. How do you take care of your complexion in summer?
A. I drink a lot of water which is very important and except this I have cucumbers and watermelons which have a lot of water within it and lot of fruits which is also important.

Q. What kind of liquids do you prefer to keep away from dehydration?
A. Mostly I go for water and coconut water.

Q. What measures you take to prevent your skin from sun burn?
A. I use sun blocks.

Q. Do you avoid any kind of food habits in summer?
A. I avoid eating oily foods and non-veg stuff as it increases your body temperature.

Q. Is there any change in your fitness regime too?
A. No, not really. My fitness regime remains same throughout the year.

Q. Which place do you prefer to chill out in Mumbai?
A. In Mumbai, I prefer to stay back at my house.

Q. Which places do you prefer to chill out outside Mumbai?
A. I like to go to Goa.

- Swati Dey