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Koena Mitra

Why Koena looks drop dead gorgeous

"A strict workout regime and a good diet go hand in hand," says Koena Mitra the Bengali lass, who wowed the audiences with sizzling numbers like 'Saaki Saaki ' in Musafir and 'Khullam Khulla ' in Road.

All geared to set the screen on fire with Fardeen Khan in 'Ek Khiladi, Ek Hasina ', Koena shares her fitness secrets with Shaaditimes.

We all know how our brawny actors love to tote their gyms around so that they can maintain their superb physiques when they are shooting abroad. But, here’s one gal who can give even these guys a run for their money when it comes to fitness. Koena Mitra, we hear, is proving to be a high maintenance actor for her producers because whenever she travels to other cities for a shooting schedule, she too carries her gym withher. Koena Mitra loves dumbbells. Of course, we don’t see the producers complaining because they definitely think it’s worth taking the extra kuggage with the other production material - after all, capturing Koena’s stunning figure on camera is reward enough!

Dancing is the best exercise
I workout in the gym everyday for one and a half hour, unless I am shooting outdoors. Fitness is extremely important for me and I take time out to workout.

I am lucky, as I don't have a tendency to put on weight, so I focus more on toning the body than on losing weight. My workout routine consists mostly of weight training. I hardly do any cardio, but when I look bloated and feel the need to shed a couple of pounds, then I switch on to cardio.

For me, the best form of exercise is dancing. Being a trained classical dancer, I love to dance and hence enjoy my workouts.

My Makeup
For my stage shows and shoots the brands I stick to for cosmetics are Derma, Krylol, Mac and Bobby Brown. I usually shop at Beautiful in Khar or from make-up artists Bharat and Doris’s make-up counter at Citi Mall. They generally have all the uncommon and latest stuff in make-up. When I am not facing the camera I dab Kohl pencil, Mac gloss and very little cream blush. I hate using a base cream unless it’s very imperative

I don't follow a strict diet
Diet wise, I am not too hot on rich food. Though I must admit that I love spicy food. I don't have a strict diet and I don't starve myself. Crash diets are not the right answers to lose weight. If you have a balanced diet and eat the right thing, at the right time you can maintain a good figure.

The only thing that I take care of is that I don't eat too much of carbohydrates especially after 8 pm. I try and take in a lot of proteins. I avoid junk food. Otherwise, I have a simple diet, which generally comprises dal, sabzi, meat or fish (once in a week) and salads.

I love Bengali food
I don't eat rice, which being a hard-core Bong, is the toughest sacrifice that I've ever made in life. Besides, chicken, and salads, I love Bengali food. They have a different aroma and a delicious taste. Fish is my favourite and I can eat any kind of fish - grilled, fried or curried.

I also keep away from sweets, though I binge occasionally. I don't eat in between meals. Fruits and salads are my favourite snacks. I prefer eating a fruit whenever I'm hungry.

Water is something that I don't miss during the day. I drink lots of water to keep my fluid level high. Besides, it's also good for a glowing skin.

I cook occasionally
I am not a professional cook but I can cook non-vegetarian food myself. But generally I am so tired that I don't get the time to cook. I love to make mustard fish, prawn curry and mutton whenever I have the time or if I have friends coming over.

My favourite non-veg dish is mustard fish. I don't follow any particular recipe. I marinate the fish with mustard and oil first and then grill it in the microwave. You can even fry it but I prefer to grill my fish.

Spicy hot Koena Mitra likes spicy food

This Bengali beauty has a yen for ghar ka khana, and all things spicy. Even so, Koena Mitra, sexy model cum actor, has found a way to balance her diet. Currently shooting for Anant Mahadeven’s Anamika, she insists that junk food is not for her.

Koena's favourite: "I simply adore spicy food. When I go home, I freak out on Hilsa fish curry with rice — a traditional Bengali preparation. I also enjoy flavours from the Orient —- especially Malaysian flat noodles, and a sea food platter. Amongst veggie preparations, my favourite is bhindi fry."

Koena detests: "I don’t much care for pasta, as it is bland and cheesy with lots of cream. And unlike most Bengalis, I don’t even like sweets."

Koena's speciality: "I’m too lazy to cook for myself. But for my pals and family, I can whip up some mean dishes of prawn and fish!"

Koena's Fitness Mantra: "Eat moderately at the right time and work out regularly. My diet consists of just four light meals a day. And I end the day with an early dinner with mostly grilled chicken or fish. I also do cardio twice a week."

Here is the hotttie Koena Mitra for you...
Q. Secret behind your sexy figure?
A. It’s a combination of a good balanced diet and accompanying exercises. For me, exercises can be walking, swimming or playing any kind of sports. Fitness is the best formula to look good and feel good.I only miss my exercises when am back after a long schedule as at that moment I just want to relax and my destination is my bedroom.

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