Monday, October 15, 2007

Gracy Singh

Gracy Singh

A star who made her way to films through television. Pretty and a graceful dancer, Gracy caught Aamir Khan's eye and became a part of Lagaan history. Gracy will now be seen pitting her histrionics with the likes of Amitabh Bachchan, Anil Kapoor, Priety Zinta in Armaan and Ajay Devgan in Gangaajal

What’s your exercise regimen like?

I am not into weights or anything. Neither am I this rigorous fitness freak. What I do is yoga. I enjoy it.

How do you start your day foodwise?

With aloo, gobi ka paratha or a cheese sandwich. I'm a food freak. I just love eating.

What do you eat during the day?

I prefer to eat vegetable the whole day. But since I have a sweet tooth I invariably end up eating what I'm not supposed to. Like chocolates and ice creams.

What the secret behind your glowing skin?

Dance. I love dancing. Otherwise I am the most laziest person in the world. You'll never catch doing any kind of fitness program.

How do you prevent hectic working schedules taking a toll on your health?

Hectic schedules generally make you lose your mental stability, so I just try to give myself space by taking a holiday in between my shootings.

How do you resist overeating at parties and events?

Party food makes me uncomfortable. I don't feel hungry. I prefer eating home as I'm a very private person.

What is your all time favorite food?

Ever since I went to Mauritius recently I converted myself from a vegetarian to a fish-etarian. I have now started eating fish, and I like the bangda and surmai variety in fish.

What’s your idea of unwinding?

I do Reiki. Othewise I just listen to our very loud music.

What is your advice on food and fitness for the health conscious?

Don't follow what I've said here.

If you could ask your dietician one question, what would it be?

Dieticians are always trying to help people. But I feel that there should no be no restrictions on eating. You should enjoy your life, eat whatever you feel like. Why should there be a need for a dietician?

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