Monday, October 15, 2007

Hansika Motwani

Hansika is an Amazing 16 Year Old!

Cute Hansika Motwani was asked to put on weight to suit the character in her debut film 'Aap Ka Surroor'. But now the teenager is well on her way to attaining the 'perfect 10' figure.

Fitness guru Mickey Mehta who trains and manages health regimes of high flying celebs like Bipasha Basu, Lara Dutta, Preity Zinta and many others has formulated a strategy for her that involves equipment free exercises and intelligent wellness programs such as Yoga, breathing, swimming, martial arts etc.

Hansika has been put on a special diet called the 'Vedic diet' which consists of nuts, sprouts, fruits, soups, salads, 'jawari rotis', mildly steamed veggies, wholesome brown rice etc. But being the kid that she is what if she is tempted to junk food?

Says Mehta, "We don't stop her from junk. But we also inculcate the responsibility within her to stay away from what is not good for her. She understands the program, so she tries hard to fight temptation. For a 16-year-old she is amazing."

Diet-conscious that she is, pakoras and fried stuff are a strict no-no. Hansika is more than contented with a steaming cup of coffee on a gloomy day.

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Hansika reveals secrets of her killer figure
"A diet is a selection of food that helps to loose weight" says actress Hansika Motwani. She may not be called as new entrant as she has been into the industry since long time as a child artist. Just like a fairy tale she grew up fast and suddenly appeared as a beautiful actress. Hansika spoke to us about the secret of her fitness and her favourite food.

"I am not very foodie. I like home made Rajma Chawal. I don't indulge in oily cheesy stuff." Says Hansika who loves home made.

She begins her day with a healthy breakfast as she believes that it's the first meal of the day and it should be healthy. She loves to have skimmed milk and an apple in the morning. Hansika believes in diet and follows her guru Micky Mehta's instructions properly.

After her first movie Aap Ka Suroor Hansika lost seven kilos. Talking about fitness she says, "I prefer both cardio and weight both exercises. I exercise two hours everyday in my gym. I prefer protein milkshake after workout. I believe in yoga and meditation as well."

Being particular about her food Hansika gives credit to her balanced diet and healthy eating habits. "I don't starve myself. I take eight meals through out the day.

My lunch comprises Roti, daal, dalia, salad and yoghurt. I prefer fruit juice rather than cold drinks. I avoid dinner or any kind of food late at night rather I prefer to have my dinner in the evening." She concludes.

Hansika’s fitness routine is that she is particular of what she eats in her diet and she has a trainer named Mickey Mehta. Her beauty tips are to sleep early & eat lots of fruits and green salads. She likes to dress in shorts, capris, ganjis, and loose shirts daily.

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