Saturday, October 20, 2007

Shobha De

Bestselling author, columnist and a ‘wanted’ socialite, Shobha De can be credited to have made the Hinglish popular. Claiming a style as individualistic as her writing, she is currently working on two new book projects. De unbolts her fashion preferences.

Casual Comfort

I wear very casual and comfortable clothes at home, mainly cotton skirts and t-shirts. They are not necessarily branded but I like Anokhi and Soma for their block prints.

Formal Tucks

I prefer sarees for formal occasions. A saree is a classic that can't be improved upon. I pick my sarees on my travels. I like traditional weaves like Kota, Chanderi, Banarasi, Asavali or really simple cottons from any part of India. Right now, I am wearing a lot of Bibi Russell's jamdanis, which are ideal for summer.

War Paint

When it comes to makeup, I am not partial to any one specific brand and go by my daughters' recommendations. I like MAC and Benefits but am equally happy with Lakme. I use very little makeup but I choose products with care since I have a sensitive skin.

Be Jewelled

I love accessories and favour silver, wood, bone, coloured stones. I avoid gold or anything flashy.


I have accumulated a fun collection of shades over the years. They are my weakness. Chanel is my all-time favourite brand for eyewear and Cartier is my choice for watches. Both these brands offer classic lines that never look dated. Besides, both are quality-driven. I am fond of men's colognes since those suit my personality better than girlie floral fragrances. I love Declaration by Cartier, Davidoff's Cool Water and Gucci's Pour Homme.

Treasure Tote

I don't use branded bags. I prefer batuas and jholas. While travelling, I rely on my dependable Longchamps.

Under Secrets

I like interesting lingerie, especially Victoria's Secret because the brand amazes you with its innovative range and amazing packaging.

Foot Loose

I wear only open-toed sandals, wedge heels, chappals and flats but no boots or shoes. I wear heels with sarees and flipflops on the beach. I pick up my shoes from any place I happen to be in. I don’t really go for brands.

Shopping Destination

I enjoy shopping in New York and Hong Kong as both cities offer great price points and a lively atmosphere. I shop mainly for my daughters on the high streets and pick up stuff like Forever 21. India is a shoppers' paradise so I see no reason to shop abroad.

Brands I Long For In India

I am very partial to desi fashion but Zara has a great future here. Their clothes are trendy and sensibly-priced.

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