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Shamita Shetty

Celeb Talk: Shamita Shetty

She makes up the other half of the sexy Shetty sisters with Shilpa. Having made her debut in the star-studded Aditya Chopra film Mohabbatein, she’s popular as the ‘sharara girl’ for her item song in Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai. A successful film career in the south, watch out for the film that’ll have her sharing the screen with her didi, Shilpa. "Regular workout, healthy food combination has worked wonders for me. I no longer go on fast food binges, I don’t party late in the night and have started to be more serious about my work," says the beauty.

What is your food regime like?
I prefer a fruit in the morning. Egg whites, toast and coffee make up a healthy breakfast. Tofu (a curd made from mashed soya beans) with Indian food is my lunch. I have soup, boiled chicken and fish for lunch.

Do you have a sweet tooth?
Absolutely. Apple pie and chocolate without nuts is my favourite.

Do fruits feature in your meal?
I cannot do without fruits. Green apple is my favourite. It is healthy to include fruits in your daily diet.

You abstain from....
Oily foods.

A must eat are ...
Boiled vegetables.

How would you define home-made food?
I can rely on home made food because good health and wholesome nutrition are guaranteed to come along with it.

Your favourite restaurant.
Frangi Pani.

Any irresistible item?
A cheesy pasta.

Which is your favourite sport?
I love playing volley ball.

Your favourite health magazine.
Muscle And Fitness.

Your fitness regimen.
I do weight training thrice a week and cardiacs twice a week.

What refreshes you after a tiring shoot?
A good night sleep.

Can you easily adapt to other tastes when shooting abroad?
Absolutely. And I love continental cuisine.

Shamita Shetty hasn't signed a single film. She is, instead, concentrating on her new role in the production company that her sister, actor Shilpa Shetty, has started. "We don't really have a designation in the production company. We are just understanding what a production company takes to get things rolling," she says. So yes, she is busy but that hasn't stopped her from gyming regularly.

After all, six days in the gym, located on the sixth floor of her building, is what gives her a super-toned bod. And she sportingly agrees to share her secrets of getting into shape. But before that, she has some pointers:

>> I change my exercise routine every two month because my body gets used to a particular kind of workout and then it stops responding to exercises. It's the same with others too.

>> Introducing new exercises shocks the body. Once your body gets used to the new exercise, go back to your routine workout. I change my exercises once in every four weeks.

>> I normally have a tight stomach but there are times when it goes loose. Yes, some times abdominal exercises don't work for a person like me too! Especially for someone who does abs three times a week, leaving a gap one day. At such a time, I stop the exercises completely. Like I said before, it's important to shock your body from time to time.

>> I normally work on different parts of my body. I distribute exercises - I do upper body twice a week and lower body twice a week. One day I will do my chest and back, one day I will do my arms.

>> After the exercises, it's important to do your stretches. In fact, I do my stretches in-between each sets. It's important for your oxygen and blood flow. I also do three days of yoga. Yoga loosens the muscles and increases the flexibility.

Currently, Shamita is doing circuit training. She does this once in four weeks, and there are two ways to do this: A full body circuit training or just the upper or lower body circuit training.

So, what does circuit training actually mean? "It means you take one exercise each and mix it together to make one set of three or four different exercises, depending on how strenuous you want the workout to be. Let me explain, one set will have exercises for the upper body, one back, one tricep, one biceps, that would be one set all put together back-to-back. Like this you make four sets," she explains.

You can also do full body circuit training. Here, you choose one big muscle and two small muscles. Your back is a big muscle. And when you really want to burn calories, you work on the legs. "So you do one exercise for your back, one for tricep and one for your bicep," says Shamita adding, "Remember these exercises are done back-to-back."

Each exercise in the sets is to be done 15 times. Shamita shows us full body circuit training, with a set of four exercises each, but before that some warm-up. It's a must.

The beginning

Warm-up is very important. It helps ready your body to the strenuous workout ahead. Your heart rate has to go up to a certain level, so that the blood flow to your working muscles is sufficient.

Though 30 minutes of warm-up is not necessary, Shamita prefers doing 30 minutes - 15 minutes on the treadmill and 15 on the cycle.

Treadmill: "I do brisk walking on the walker on 6.7 speed," Shamita informs. She hates doing cadio and to compensate for that, she hits the treadmill a little longer.

Cycling: From here, she gets on the cycle. "I don't pedal too fast, but just enough to ready myself to the workout," she says.

Her gym mantra: Exercise regularly, eat right and on time, choose fruits over juices and go slow on carbs after 7 pm

Circuit Set 1

Squatting: Rest your arms backwards on a low bench and support your body weight. Bend your legs a bit and do squats. This exercise takes a lot of strength and should be done at the beginning of circuit workout.

Tricep Pulley: This exercise I do sitting down where the pulley has to be pulled down. This targets your lats, which is the side of the back. (See right photo)

Dumb bells (sitting): Sit straight with arm stuck to the shoulder. Now raise the dumb bell with bending just the elbow. I normally like to concentrate on my triceps because that is generally my weak area. I put on weight here easily and I tend to lose weight on my lower body.

Circuit Set 2

Leg extension: Targets your quadriceps, which is the front portion of your thighs. It's an isolated exercise for the quadriceps.

Chest press (lying down): You need to stand with your legs slightly apart, with equal balance on both of them. Then you pull the lever down. This exercises your chest as well as a bit of your arms as well.

Leg curl: Lie flat on your stomach and curl your legs around the machine (see picture) and pull it upwards.With dumb bells (sitting): This one is for your triceps. You need to sit, with back straight, and then take the dumbbell over your head. I give support with my other hand, just two fingers, because your hand tends to move with you are moving the dumb bells up and down. Do it for both hands.

Circuit Set 3

Dumb bells with ball to support the back: I do this exercise using a ball for my back support, since I have a weak back. I move the ball on my back up and down holding the dumb bells downwards.
Rowing: The rowing action is for your centre back. This helps tone the back muscles.
Bendover rose: You half squat with hips jutting out and raise both your hands backwards. Make sure your elbows aren't bent. This works on your triceps.
Hammer curl: This exercise works on your biceps. This is done sitting on a bench, with your feet on the ground. Your arms should be on the sides, and you just lift the dumb bells (holding it vertical), bending just the elbow.

Circuit Set 4

Repeat: I would repeat one of the back exercises.
Leg Press: Lie back and push the weight away from you. The term leg press also refers to the apparatus used to perform this exercise. This works on your quadriceps, and partially on your Hamstrings and calf.

Inclined chest press: Again, the weight you use entirely depends on your requirement and also your comfort level. Do this 15 times.

Preacher curl: This is done resting the elbow on an inclined board or support. All you do is bend the elbow to lift the dumb bell, one hand at a time.
The tall, beautiful and vivacious actress with her stunning looks and talent, Shamita's first hit in Bollywood in the year 2000 was the multistarrer blockbuster 'Mohabbatein'.

An embossed pout, powerful eyes and a curvaceous figure is what makes Shamita a popular pin-up girl. She’s yet another tanned beauty who openly admits – I have it and so I flaunt it.

Secret behind your glowing skin: I hate going for facials. I prefer leaving the skin natural and make-up free. I remove my make-up with baby oil and if I have to use a cream then it’s Lancome.

The personal care products you can’t do without: My Clinique Dramatically Different face cream and lip balm.

How do you maintain your good looks? The first and foremost thing is to have a good body. I have a gym at my house. Both Shilpa and I work out regularly in it. I do weight training four times a week. I have a personal trainer too.

What about your beautiful tresses? Once in a while I go for head massage. I don’t like to blow dry my hair as I tend to lose a lot of hair after that. However, I conditioned my hair once a week for sure.

Do you follow a diet plan? I don’t believe in dieting, but I do make it a point to have high protein diet. I avoid oily food. Once a week however, I do binge on to everything I crave for. Also, I take lots of liquid in the form of juices. I keep drinking hot water as it detoxifies your system.

Your favourite food: I love Chinese food because I think it has a lot of healthy options on menu. One dish I can never say no to is pasta in Arrabbiata sauce with chicken and mushrooms, made by my sister Shilpa.

Your favourite stone: My pride possessions are a pair of solitaire earrings and a bracelet. I can never ever think taking off my pair of solitaire earrings. The earrings are my perpetual companions. I also love diamond studded watches and have a collection of them too. I have sunglasses embellished with diamonds and crystals that I wear often.

Fun to you is: Shopping! Shopping! Shopping!

The invention you’re waiting for: I wish someone would discover a way to become invisible.

Weekend at a wellness spa or weekend at a luxury beach resort? Weekend at a wellness spa.

Lean or brawny: I like the lean look but I also hate men who diet.

Your idea of a perfect meal: Taste without calories.

Your favourite drink: Water.

Ethnic wear or western wear: Depends on the occasion.

The one fashion trend you just don’t understand: Balloon skirts!

What are you addicted to? Chocolates.

The place you really want to visit: Egypt. There seems to be something mystical about that place.

Your next move: Becoming the creative head of Shilpa’s production house.

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