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Amrita Rao

Amrita Rao

A top contender for the ‘Hottest Vegetarian’ slot last year, Amrita made her debut with her veggie co-star Shahid Kapur in ‘Ishq Vishq’. A Mangalorean who loves coconut-based gravies and Thai food when abroad, she has been a vegetarian for almost 10 years now and is a devotee of Sathya Sai Baba. She used to love eating prawns before turning to the principles of non-cruelty taught by Sai Baba.

Secret behind Amrita’s lissome figure

Amrita Rao registered her presence as the lucky mascot for various films with hits like Ishq Vishq and Main Hoon Na. The lissome lady is now concentrating on fewer projects rather than competing with the bare-dare brigade. Here she shares the secret to her beauty and fitness.

My Day Begins with:
I am an early riser and am usually up by 7.30 am. The first thing I do is brush my teeth. Since I am a teetotaller, I drink fresh fruit juices and a glass of lukewarm water. Breakfast is light and I prefer eating ghar ka khana.

Daily Diet:
I am a pure vegetarian. Lunch consists of two chapattis, green vegetables, sabzi and dal with rice! Dinner is again the same. I love to eat mushrooms and cabbage. I am not a party person so I am faithful to my mom's khana. My favorite cuisine is our Mangalorian cuisine and I love Thai food. Before I go to sleep, I drink a glass of milk, which not only provides me with a good, sound sleep, but also supplements me with all the required ingredients! Amrita Rao's approach to health and diet is a very balanced once

Binge time:
Well! As such I don't believe in fasting or binging. I eat in moderation and I eat to live and not live to eat. It is not good to starve yourself or overstuff your own body. Love your body because if it remains in good shape, you'll always be healthy. I don't tend to put on weight.

Workout Schedule:
I must confess I am lucky in this regard. I can eat what I like. However, I have a personal trainer, who comes home thrice in a week. I usually work-out to tone my body with dumbbells. I don't work-out on weights. I primarily do aerobics and stretching to keep myself fit. Luckily, I am a healthy girl so working out is not a must for me!

Tips on Healthy Living:
It is very important to understand your own body structure. Eat what you like, but eat in moderation. Avoid junk foods, cheese and fats. Eating outside home can create lots of complications. So try to eat food made at home. It is not only hygienic but also tastes so well apart from being healthy. Develop healthy habits by jogging and walking that extra mile. Work-out in gym only if you feel it is necessary for you otherwise please don't kill yourself with weights for hours. Beauty lies in being healthy so they say – early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise!

__+//Amrita's Health and Beauty Tips

Skin and Hair Care
I am particular about cleansing my skin on a daily basis to avoid acne and blemishes. I never use make-up when I'm not shooting. I use Cetaphil face cleanser to remove my make-up, which if left unwashed is the main reason for blackheads. I pamper my skin with a good night cream before I go to bed, and oil my hair with baby oil as often as I can for smooth and soft hair. Plus, I shampoo and condition my hair daily.

Diet Fad
I start my day with two glasses of warm water, have theplas and parathas for breakfast and follow a balanced diet throughout the day. I avoid leafy veggies and roadside food during the monsoons.

Exercise Wise
I am not an exercise person at all, but I do a lot of stretching, which is necessary for flexibility in dancing.

___+//Style Quotient

Talk about creating signature statements and here’s how actress AMRITA RAO creates one of her very own

Must Haves:
Its belts all the way for me. Even if you are wearing a very casual kind of jeans and tshirts a smart flashy belt adds the missing zing in your look.

If I am going out then it completely depends on what occasion or if I am shooting it depends on my character. But, when I am at home I love to wear track pants and just chill out.

Evening wear:
I like to wear Indo-western like a short kurta with lots of stonework. Apart from that its a pair of simple jeans with sexy designer top and flashy earrings and belt. I think that’s just perfect for parties and evening out with friends too. I wear gown very selectively, if it is very formal then I am on for it.

Holiday wear:
I carry very casual clothes in my suitcase for holidays, as you tend to spoil them. And I think they are much more comfortable and holidays are all about comfort right!

Most expensive outfit:
It’s a pair of jeans that I bought from London. I really loved it and the jeans freak I am I bought them. Now, when I look back and think about my purchase I find it very childish because it is very expensive.

Favourite accessories:
Belts and earrings. I think they do wonders to your appearance.

Favourite colours:
Pink and Beige.

Favourite designers:
Jerry D’Souza. He designs my personal collections and I think he is too good. Be it, formal or casual, Indian or Western he is just too good.
Most prized possession in your wardrobe:
I purchased a bamboo shaped bracelet from Darjeeling while shooting for Main Hoon Naa. It is a very traditional Tibetian bracelet so I would like to call that my prized possession.

Style icon:
Britney Spears and Sushmita. I absolutely love the way they dress up and carry themselves.

Style mantra:
Be yourself. Style is all about comfort and you have to follow your own instinct. No matter what you wear if you are comfortable with yourself it shows and makes you look beautiful. I think confidence is the style.
Luckily, I don’t put on weight easily, so I am carefree about my diet. But I avoid deep-fried and packaged foods.
I don’t get the time to follow a specific exercise regime, but whenever I do, face exercises top my list.
I use a hydro-nourishing under eye cream at night. It spreads evenly and restores the moisture balance. Since I have oily skin, I use a fig and fruit pack that does wonders for my skin.

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