Monday, October 8, 2007

Aditi Govitrikar

She’s been Mrs World, her skin glows with an inner radiance, and her life sparkles with adventure and exploration. It all comes down to eating right and inner contentment, Aditi Govitrikar tells Rashmi Uday Singh. Excerpts from the conversation…

The world acknowledges her beauty again and again. Smokey green eyes smouldered with delight as the Mrs World crown was placed on her head. Unlike the other contestants, Aditi was also the mother of a baby girl, just a few months old at the time. But she not only took care of her baby, but also of her career. This was six years ago. Today, she is again a new mom, with a two-month-old, as slim as ever and ready to shoot for her big-budget film. She stays awake nights with her baby, but still looks beautiful and relaxed.

She was 19 when she won the Gladrags Supermodel Contest. She went on to win many more titles, act in movies and do shows and win herself a huge fan following. Mother, actress, wife, house-proud lady, great cook, model… How does she do it? What does she advise?

A beautiful life
Aditi practices yoga and meditation regularly and maintains a balance in all she does. “You are what you eat,” explains Aditi, who has studied medicine and nutrition. A vegetarian, she avoids deep-fried foods, and does not drink or smoke either. She advises eating plenty of fruits and veggies and drinking plenty of water.

“Skincare is very essential,”Aditi is quick to point out. Cleansing every night is crucial; so are moisturising and using sun block. “If you feel good, you will look good.”And what about this obsession with cosmetic surgery, Botox et al? “An obsession with anything is bad,” says this charming beauty.“As for Botox, etc, it’s a personal preference.” Would she take Botox injections? “Right now, I don’t need them,” she points out. “But never say never...” But what she does know and does with great regularity is exercise. Be it yoga or spinning, the benefits of oxygenating your system, flooding it with feel-good endorphins with brisk cardiovascular exercise are what this beauty recommends.

A beautiful mind
“You might lose your physical beauty at any time, but your education willalways stand you in good stead,”Aditi points out. So educating your mind takes top priority, as does travelling, which is a “fabulous form of educating and broadening one’s horizons.” On the cards is a trip to Zanskar in the Himalayas... I catch Aditi in the middle of baking cookies and brownies for her daughter.“I love baking,” she points out,“and I keep experimenting.” She cooks for relaxation and reads for the same reason. Books are food for the mind of this avid reader. Finally, here’s the belief that fuelled her to leave the secure world of medicine for the highly fickle but glamorous world of films and modelling… “The only regrets in life are the risks you don’t take.” The world is happy that Mrs World took that risk.

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