Monday, October 8, 2007

Aarti Chhabria

Beauty Talk With Aarti Chhabria

Q: One beauty secret is...

A: Apart from the normal drinking lots of water and sleeping well formula that always works wonders, what I think is a true beauty secret is 'being happy'.

Calming your nerves, when you are most stressed, probably by doing yoga, or simple deep breathing can really have a great calming effect. What works for me is taking a deep breath and saying 'Om'. When your mind is relaxed and your thoughts are clear, you feel beautiful and energetic.

Q: Make up you cannot do without...

A: Mac eye pencils and mascara, cheek hue, vanilla flavoured lip gloss. Mac is an excellent brand.

Q: What do you do to keep yourself healthy and beautiful?

A: I eat the right kind of food; have lots of water and no junk food. I sleep 6 to 7 hours, I work out, don't do too many weights, lots of flexing and swimming everyday. I ensure we have a gym where we shoot and being around happy people helps. It's very important to smile. A smile is always returned, that's the beauty of it. I use Clinique products, Mac products for make-up.

Q: What do you do to maintain yourself? Do you eat non-vegetarian food or do you stick to boiled vegetables?

No, I eat everything, Non-vegetarian, vegetarian, ice-cream, anything. But I work out regularly and keep myself fit. You shouldn't starve yourself because your body is not used to it.

Q. What is your fitness regimen?

I go to the gym everyday. I do more of freehand exercises than weights. I am always on a nutritional diet.

Q. Your favourite eating joint?

A: China Garden. I also like ‘Pav Bhaaji’ which we get at the Juhu circle.

Q: Fashion rules you follow and your favourite designer?

A: I would never wear something just because 'somebody' said it suits me, I would only wear it if I felt comfortable in it, so I would be confident about carrying it off. As far as designers are concerned, I have many favourite designers, so it would be unfair to just mention one. But if I really had to take a name I'd say my really close friend Shamayel Khan and I love Manish Malhotra's work as well.

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