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Celina Jaitley

_+\\The secret behind Celina Jaitley's sexy looks
21st Nov 2005 09.34 IST By ApunKaChoice Bureau

She set the big screen on fire by playing the violin in a bikini in her debut film Janasheen and now Celina Jaitley has revealed the secret behind her sexy looks and what is it that enhances sexual ability.

"Dancing makes me look attractive. It has improved my way of walking and filled me with a great sense of charm about myself. All Indian classical dances have sensuous poses and steps, which not just enhance your sexual ability but brings the inner beauty out on your face and body," Celina told an entertainment website.

Celina said that she feels that two hours of daily practice of Kathak has changed her life. Besides spiritual satisfaction, physical makeover and emotional fulfillment has helped her overcome various hurdles.

"I give all credit to Kathak If over the years I have grown up more attractive and my look has become more enticing than ever, I give credit to Kathak. That's why even if I am very busy, I never miss those two hours of Kathak practice."

Celina who has also worked in No Entry, Khel and Silsiilay , regretted that she has never been offered any role till now where she gets an opportunity to flaunt her dancing skills.

Talking about her sensuous looks in her debut film ‘Janasheen’, Celina said the credit goes to her flexible body that she has attained through dancing.

"As I told you Indian classical dances have various poses and steps which are very sensuous and alluring. It gives your body more exercise that western dances cannot. So you can twist and turn you body in a manner which entices a person," she said.

__+\\Sex symbol, ISI stamp

In town on Saturday for the launch of two new VLCC centres, Bollywood babe Celina Jaitley spoke to GoodLife about style, fitness and more.

Cosmetic call: With Celina, what you see is not what you hear. She looks all Botox and silicon but insists that nothing about her is cosmetic. “The only surgery that I had was an appendix removal as a kid. I am 100 per cent, ISI-stamped natural,” said Celina, with a cosmetic laugh.
On a more serious note, she advocated beauty through alternative medicine. “The biggest of skin problems have their answers in homeopathy and Ayurveda.”
Her prescription for beauty treatment at home: “besan-and-milk pack”.

What do you do for your skin? Eat lots of papaya, drink water, a healthy state of mind, no smoking and drinking.

Fit facts: A strong believer in health is wealth, Celina is a fitness freak. In our profession, where you often need to work 48 hours at a stretch, fitness is a priority. My workout regimen depends on shooting schedules. But I exercise for at least half-an-hour every day. Meditation, kick-boxing, Tai Chi and jazz ballet are her tips for that figure so often flaunted in a bikini on screen.

Fitness facts: The secret behind that sexy figure —“eating right and exercise keep me fit, internally and physically. Yoga and meditation is also a must.”

Fashion mantra: Style is a state of the mind. To make a statement you need to be comfortable with your body and what you are wearing.

Dress code: For formal occasions it is a sari and if it’s chilling out then there’s nothing like a pair of jeans and a cotton shirt.

Accessory effect: Celina is passionate about long earrings. And when it comes to bags, only Gucci and D&G will do for the girl who began her beauty career in Calcutta.

Shop stops: I love shopping in Mumbai, Los Angeles, London and Melrose.? For the perfect size and fit in jeans, Bangkok is the best.

Sex siren: I have no qualms about being a sex symbol. I love the fact that people find me sexy. The eyes are a mirror of your soul and my sex appeal lies in my eyes.

Beauty secrets: When it comes to skin care, the lady chooses to go the old-school way. If I am in a hurry it is honey and lemon pack on my face. For a relaxed indulgence, it’s a nice soak in the tub with sea salt.

Current look: The long straight hair, now a few inches below the shoulders, is all done in curls. This is the new look for my Subhash Ghai film.

New Year notes: “I do not make New Year resolutions. I take life as it comes,” signed off Celina.

Celina Jaitley: "I eat seven mini meals every day after every two-and-a-half hours.Breakfast is a must. I've lots of fruits and nuts. I also drink 7-8 cups of green tea a day. But no calorie- count because my intake depends on the amount of body-stress per day.

My first meal is at 8.30 am. It's two eggwhites boiled, whole wheat toast. Second meal is at 11 am. It's a bowl of whole-wheat museli with milk. The third meal at 1 pm is one chapaati, sabzi and daal.Around 3.30 pm I've coconut water with dry fruits and green tea.

At 5.30 pm I've tea, fruits and a smoothie. At around 8 I've my last meal for the day which is steamed fish, soup and salad. In between meals I've one green tea and one full glass of water. I don't drink or smoke.
So what's your beauty routine?

Yoga is a huge part of it as it always brings a glow to my face! I wash my face with plain water many times a day and every night I do the basic CTM. For hair, I get regular salon treatments and oil massages and I avoid coloring it.

Skincare brands you always stock up on?

Neutrogena! It really does wonders for me.

And hair gets special attention too?

Absolutely! I love to go to Hakim Aalim for treatments when I can. I'm hooked on L'oreal's Hair Spa Treatments, plus their shampoos and conditioners. Other faves are Parachute Advanced Hot Oil, Biotique's Henna Hair Pack.

Your first makeup memory?

At a kathak recital at an inter-school competition, I was playing the part of a peacock. The school had organized makeup artists who took 20 minutes to paint my face and I looked horrible! However I loved the blue green eye shadows they used on my eyes.

Party vs. weekend... How different is your makeup?

Quite different. I am very natural and chilled on weekends, I use lots of kohl. A spray blush and transparent lipgloss with freshly-washed hair left to air dry is what I like. For parties, I like to use Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow in Charcoal, I use it as kajal and liner, and smudge it madly. For my face, I use a tiny bit of mineral powder by Bare Escentuals or L'oreal Bare Naturale Mineral Makeup. Lips are usually nude; mostly base with a liner and gloss.

Beauty products we'll always find on you?

My large kohl and kajal collection from practically every brand-I can't live without it. Plus, a translucent lip gloss!

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