Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Ayesha Takia

Ayesha Takia's Diet:

The newest hottie on the block, Ayesha Takia has been a vegetarian for the last three years. The curvaceous lass who made her debut in ‘Tarzan-The Wonder Car’ is a member of PETA. She dotes on animals and has started abhorring non-vegetarian food. She says she depends on a lot of protein intake and lots of sprouts to maintain her figure. Now we know the secret of her deadly figure!

"I have not touched bread, rice or even roti for the last 4 years. I can't even remember the last time I had a roti. My diet consists mainly of fruits and vegetables. Almost throughout the day I have a glass of juice, either carrot/ orange/ watermelon or a glass of coconut water."
- Ayesha Takia, speaking to Sunday Midday

My diet consists of loads of vegetables. And I avoid junk food.

My yoga asanas keep me going all day. That is all I do to keep myself fit.

I use an aloe vera moisturizer to keep my skin clean and glowing.
This bubbly debutant rose to fame in spite of tepid box office returns. She believes she has always given her best shot and hopes her work will be appreciated by the masses. In a tête-à-tête with IMAGES BoF she reveals her brand preferences.

Casual Comfort

At home I wear my Mango track pants teemed with any old t-shirt or ganji. Mango, Zara, Fcuk, Guess and G star are among my favourite brands as they are young, vibrant and full of fun (just like me). My style statement is to dress in jeans, a shirt, jacket and any footwear with heels, especially boots. I am partial to red, gold and white hues in clothes.

Formal Tucks

I wear formals only for Indian functions or if there is a premiere. Depending upon the occasion and my mood I wear trousers, shirt with a jacket, long skirts and so on. I am not too fond of designerwear as I think they try to impose their style on you. I prefer my style and stick to clothes that reflect my personality.

Foot Loose

Funky, vibrant colours and heels. Diesel, Guess and Zara are the brands I prefer.

Be Jewelled

I wear a gold waist band, silver naval rings, finger rings and payal. My latest watch is from Bulgari. I like to wear belts as they can add style to plain looking jeans. Recently on my trip to Malaysia and Amsterdam I got a whole lot of belts from Guess and Zara. I also pick some from Aftershock in Mumbai.

Treasure Tote

I am not too hot on bags. I am too lazy to change bags everyday. On my trip to Europe I picked up some great Liz Claiborne bags.

War Paint

Blush-on, mascara and mocca lipstick from Mac and chapstick from Molten Brown is what I dig for. 212 Sexy by Carolina Herrera, Cheery by Christian Dior and True Star by Tommy Hilfiger are among my favourite brands in fragrance.

Under Secrets

Too private. I wouldn't like to disclose it.

Shopping Destination

Whenever I go on shoots, be it in India or abroad I go crazy shopping. I have many favourites. The places I love to frequent are Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, London and Amsterdam. Whenever I go to these places I make sure to pick up stuff that is particular to that place as the branded showrooms in every country too have a flavour of that place.

Brands I Long For In India

Zara is one brand I wish I could get in India. It is simple yet classy and elegant. The clothes are not the revealing kinds. If one goes to a Zara showroom it is quite unlikely to find a dress that you wouldn't like.
Ayesha Takia gives some beauty tips...
When I am not shooting, I wear: No make-up
My favourite shades are: Pinks, bronzes and golds
My favourite brands: Mac and Coco Chanel
The features I like to highlight with make-up: My eyes and lips
The features I like to conceal: Nothing in particular
My tip on make-up: Less is more. Mascara looks great in the day as well as in the night. Lip gloss works well too.
Date with a dish!
The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. It's time to alter this adage a wee bit. Today, it holds true for women as well. More so, for our current crop of Bollywood beauties! Many of them have found love in one prominent restaurateur, or the other. And if that's not the case, then they're taking to the restaurant business themselves!

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