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Forever young? Why not!

Forever young? Why not!

And may you stay forever young!’ sang urban folk singer Joan Baez a decade ago. Now there is a way to turn that wish into a reality! Read on and find out how…

The proverbial fountain of youth is as real as our lifestyle choices. And we all know that. Yet one chases good looks and happiness at botox clinics and in the neighborhood shrink’s office. The task of changing one’s mindset, habits and inability to make an effort is what makes the elusive youthful looks seem farther than ever. Here are a few simple rules to live by, which are sure to help you look younger than your years.

Drink it up!
Water therapy has been long touted as a solution to many body ills. Lack of water in the body can lead to sluggishness and even de-motivation. Not only does drinking water keep you energetic throughout the day, it flushes the body cells of environmental toxins. Apart from water, other fluids that will help you keep full and peppy are fruit juices - especially sweet lime, orange and watermelon- and herbal teas.

Eat sensibly:
Avoid fried food stuff completely. For every-day cooking, switch to healthier oils like olive oil or sunflower oil, canola or sesame oil. Don’t starve yourself. Rather eat small portions but more number of meals in the day. Focus should be on high-fibre and protein diet. Limit carbohydrates and fats to natural sources like pulses and nuts rather than going for pastas and cheese. Natural fat that is good for the body can be had from avocados, peanuts and other vegetables that help protect the heart. Get your dose of vitamins and minerals through fresh fruits, skimmed milk and veggies.

If you can, stick to the ‘no food after 7.00 pm’ rule. A lighter meal in the evenings should be a matter of daily habit. A soup or a whole-wheat sandwich could be substituted for a full course meal.

Wellness mantra:
Yoga, meditation and deep breathing exercises will give you the kick needed to feel great about life. Breathing deep helps you relieve stress while also clearing out the lungs. These also help in stretching your muscles and weight loss. Meditation will help you forget niggling worries and focus on that which is important in life. The three activities put together tone up the inner body and this shows in a happier and glowing countenance.

Sleep well:
Lack of sleep can add a decade to your face. It also causes a wooly-headed response to most life situations that could lead to further stress. If your work keeps you up at nights, remember that research has shown that retention and performance is better if you sleep well. You might just hit upon a solution in the morning to a work problem, after a fitful night sleep. Sleep also helps your face muscles to relax and helps skin cells regenerate.

Laugh a lot:
Don’t fear laugh lines cause nothing can make you look more youthful than laughter full of abandon! Serious looking expressions are considered natural accompaniments of ageing but need it be so? Laughter therapy is said to trigger the release of endorphins, body’s natural painkillers that also help you handle any stress better.

Over-exfoliation can backfire:
Subjecting your skin to abrasive facials can reduce its’ immunity in the long run. Go for gentle peels derived from organic matter and essential oils. Don’t rely excessively on artificial methods for that youthful glow. Work on the inside too. A monthly trip to the salon is helpful for a groomed look though.

It’s never too late to start exercising: Weave body movement into your daily schedule. This can be done by walking to work, taking the stairs or socializing on the go. Exercise also helps you sleep well which in turn helps your skin tone.

Shun sugar:

Inflammation can cause aging in skin and one reason why inflammation occurs is a rapid rise in blood sugar. Increase in sugar levels can also make the skin stiff and inflexible affecting its elastic resilience. Go natural; opt for honey or jaggery instead.

Try out these steps and you’ll see that not only will you end up feeling youthful; it will sit light on your pocket too!

Text: India Syndicate

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