Sunday, February 22, 2009


smooth face - before you apply foundation to your face, put some lotion on your face first. it makes it easier to blend in the foundation !
FOR THE SKiN » [ care, zits, shaving, nails ]
milky touch - if you have a sunburn, soak a washcloth in milk. get the milk cold from the fridge. soak your face with the washcloth a few minutes at a time !
tip - mix one part baby oil, with one part sunscreen. it`s great for your skin, and looks great on your legs, and shoulders.
soft lips - vaseline is deff. the best thing for soft lips.
soft feet - rub petroleum jelly all over your feet at night and wear cotton socks while you sleep. it`ll smooth out the rough spots!
extra shine - add a tiny bit of vaseline to your lashes and brows for extra shine !
zits ! - tooth paste gets rid of zits fast !! i know it`s weird, but it dries up the zit !!
- when the skin near the nail starts to peel off, put almond oil on your nails ! it moisturizes the skin so it will lessen the peeling !
quick dry - to make your nails dry faster, wait about a minute after you`re done painting, stick them in ice cold water ! it works !
for more tips look in makeup matters & hair stuff !! <33 hope i helped!
>zits ! - tooth paste gets rid of zits fast !! i know it`s weird, but it dries up the zit !!
contrary to popular belief, toothpaste is NOT good to use on zits. instead try aloe vera gel or a thin lotion with Vitamin E. (Caress lotion with vitamin E is great). These will also heal the scar from the zit
>Caress lotion with vitamin E. its great! its cheap since its not one of those fancy "facial moisturizers" and the vitamin E clears up zits and scars. also it moisturizes without being too thick or oily for your skin

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