Friday, May 9, 2008

Prachi Desai

I don’t avoid anything food wise, as following a diet regime is impossible for me.
I don’t have much time for exercise but I don’t miss an opportunity to dance!”
My skin is allergic to makeup, so I use an oxygen cream. I am not very fussy about what I use on my skin, but I make sure that I use aloe vera and turmeric regularly.”
She is one of the most successful actress to have broken the mould that television actors cannot make it big in Bollywood. She was a sensation when she hit the small screen with Kasam Se and people couldn't help but fall in love with Prachi Desai. Here we list you her beauty secrets and her fashion tips...

When did makeup first catch your fancy?
Ever since I remember I have been crazy about makeup! I don't know if it was my aunt's or mum's lipstick I first tried - all I know is I was so young, I couldn't even put it on right.

Any beauty idols?
Not one person, no. but I have always wanted to be an actor (since I was 10) so I guess everyone was an idol for me! I would actually tie my mom's dupatta on my head and pretend that my hair was long!

Makeup for you means?
When I am not acting, it's just gloss and kajal. Usually when people step out they like to put on some makeup, but we operate in reverse because we spend so many hours in pancake on shoots that when we step out, we like to keep it basic. But yeah, I carry a just-in-case concealer on me at all times.

Brands you're hang on?
I pick up every possible product in every possible brand. For my skin, I trust Neutrogena and Kerastase works great on my hair.

Any salon treatments you love?
A hot stone massage, it rids me of stress like nothing else! And I'm religious about my hair rituals at B-Blunt.

Your day-to-day routine?
CTM is no-brainer. I always remove my makeup and then do a thorough deep cleanse and follow it up with a night cream. In the day, post cleansing I use a moisturiser and SPF. If I am shooting I slather on M.A.C primer after moisturizing.

Any troublesome parts that need extra TLC?
My nails because we have to maintain our nails for continuity. So we use gel or acrylic coats - I go for a gel French manicure. So, sometimes for months, my original nails are covered. But there's no choice as if I were to break a nail, it would mean hiding the nail from the camera all the time!

Where do you normally shop your clothes from?
A.I normally buy my clothes from "Limars" in Mumbai, where you can get all types of brands. Besides that I go with my friends to Bandra where a lot of designer's collection is to be found.

Which brands do you prefer to buy?
I am really not a brand person. I try something every time. Like when we went to Dubai for shooting, there we went to a mall. And whatever looked nice on me, I bought them. And Dubai is mostly famous for all brands.

Do you often visit fashion shows?
No, I never attend any fashion shows.

Who is your favorite fashion designer?
As I am not so much connected with fashion so I have not much idea about it. But now in my film, I am working with Manish Malhotra and I found his collections to be good.

Which is the costliest outfit you have bought till date?
My costliest outfits would be the dresses I bought from Marccian, which are of German brand, costing in between 11 to 30 thousand.

Which is your favorite party wear?
It totally depends on the occasion.

What do you generally dress up while relaxing at your home?

Generally I wear pajama, t-shirt and shorts.

Any particular colors you opt for while buying your clothes?
I used to buy too much of pink but after sometime I got fed up of buying pink color dresses. And now-a-days am into buying red dresses.

Any fashion tip you would like to give to our readers?
I just want to say that it is important to keep in touch with new trends. And wear those clothes which suits you and in which you feel comfortable.

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