Thursday, May 8, 2008

I prefer to stay back at my house: Gurdeep Kohl
Q. How would you define beauty?
A. For me beauty is defined as inner beauty. Inner beauty like knowledge is the one that reflects on your face.

Q. Do you like summer?
A. No, I like winters.

Q. How do you take care of your complexion in summer?
A. I drink a lot of water which is very important and except this I have cucumbers and watermelons which have a lot of water within it and lot of fruits which is also important.

Q. What kind of liquids do you prefer to keep away from dehydration?
A. Mostly I go for water and coconut water.

Q. What measures you take to prevent your skin from sun burn?
A. I use sun blocks.

Q. Do you avoid any kind of food habits in summer?
A. I avoid eating oily foods and non-veg stuff as it increases your body temperature.

Q. Is there any change in your fitness regime too?
A. No, not really. My fitness regime remains same throughout the year.

Q. Which place do you prefer to chill out in Mumbai?
A. In Mumbai, I prefer to stay back at my house.

Q. Which places do you prefer to chill out outside Mumbai?
A. I like to go to Goa.

- Swati Dey

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